The One Direction Boys Posing In Briefs Is Indeed A Treat To The Eyes!

The image of Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson or Harry Styles posing or standing in briefs is indeed a treat to the eyes! 

There is a common concept that most men are indifferent towards picking clothes and even underwear. However, men can make style statements in briefs or trunks as well. Take celebrities, for example. Men’s boxers or briefs can be a style statement when you are at a swimming pool or a beach. You want to be noticed and be comfortable in front of a crowd. 

Now coming to our favourite One Direction boys and their obsession with boxer briefs, the first question that comes to our mind is “Why boxer briefs?” There are so many clothes that they can look cool in, so why are they biassed over their choices? They have even agreed on interviews about “being lazy” and “hanging out in boxer briefs” most of the time. At the same time, men's briefs are said to be uncomfortable as they are tight in the crotch. The briefs can cause a lot of sweat; moreover, the brief’s elastic waistband often leaves a mark on the waist due to its sheer tightness. Then how are our boys sporting it so quickly? Let’s find out! 

To generalise men carrying it off in boxer briefs, they shouldn’t be pigeonholed by silly aphorisms. Instead, the quality of the briefs should be taken care of. They should be made comfortable to be worn anytime. The focus should be on making every other man fall in love with boxer briefs. And guess who is already to the rescue? We at XYXX, of course! They not only have a great collection, but also they are unique in terms of quality. This is because they sell the best micromodal underwear. 


Boxer briefs are more comfortable than regular boxers as they don’t roll up to your legs. It gives a tailored streamlined look which would spare you from all the insecurities you get from general men’s micro briefs. Our Uno collection brings you men's micro-modal underwear which is super soft and incredibly gentle on the skin. It is stretchy as well as smooth along with an absorbent moisture formula. If you are searching for men’s boxer shorts online in India on the internet, check out our website where you will get plenty of choices. Micromodal briefs for men are also available on the same website. Search for Boxers India or Modal Underwear India on the website for a better understanding.


Now, with regular briefs, they are either too tight or itchy or have a minimal pouch area. And with traditional boxers, they are either too loose, don't hold it in place or hurdle up underneath your pants. But boxer briefs are just the perfect concoction of the two. They are infinitely better than both and popular amongst most men for their coverage.


One can swear by this as a great pair of boxer briefs can be a lifesaver! You wouldn’t need to pay hefty amounts to the dearth of “good briefs” or “good boxers”. Your struggles with layering innerwear are over. The micro modal underwear for men has omitted all the problems. Buy Cotton Boxers Online and get them delivered to your home. This way, it can be easier on your wallet as well. However, those who still don’t want to switch can also try our modal men's briefs and men's boxers, because this type of men's underwear is more reliable, organic and comfortable than any other material or fabric.


We mentioned earlier how the boys from One Direction love boxer briefs and the way they show off. The main reason behind this is its flawless design that gives immense comfort. It is lightweight as it is made of Supima cotton. It almost kisses the skin and raises your confidence and self-esteem. Every garment from our Iconique collection is made of Supima cotton. Hence our products are incredibly resilient and twice as strong as regular cotton. Also, to mention, it is known for its lasting smoothness and softness. Do check out our collection for our t-shirt-boxer set. 


If the waistband of your underwear doesn’t sit properly on your skin or it gives you a skin bite, then the purpose of comfort is compromised. As much as its moisture-wicking property is essential, the wide waistband is preferred by every man out there. So it plays a significant role. It should feel like a second skin and shouldn’t bunch up like briefs or boxers.

The modal briefs constitute a significant steal for their superb quality contribution. Apart from being inexpensive, every factor mentioned above screams comfort. Their lightweight fabric makes them breathable, added by a four-way stretch that offers more room in the “ballpark pouch”. This trunk-style garment is just perfect and will fit you seamlessly. From the gym to a vacation or a quick stroll on the runway. Here you’ll also find funny printed boxers online in India as well as boxers for men at an exciting price range.

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