The Future of Men’s Fashion: XYXX’s Vision for the Next Decade


We're in the sweet spot of 2024 and in the middle of the discussion on the future of menswear. While we agree men’s fashion has come a long way since our foray into the menswear industry, the journey is long but exciting. At the moment, we can safely say with evolving styles and the integration of technology in the fashion industry, the future of men's fashion is not just about looking good but also about embracing sustainability, comfort, and individuality. So if you’re wondering what are the most anticipated men’s fashion trends for 2024, then let’s explore the best in men's fashion:

3 Best Men’s Fashion Trends 2024

The fashion world is constantly evolving, and 2024 promises some exciting men’s fashion trends that we are about to shed light on. So let’s unpack the top future fashion trends in menswear that every fashion enthusiast should keep an eye on:

1. Tech-Infused Clothing

The fusion of technology and fashion has come into action because modern men want smart clothes that offer more than just style. XYXX is leading this segment by enhancing their clothing using fabric technologies like- IntelliEaze, IntelliFresh, and IntelliSmooth fabric technologies in their menswear. All these tech-infused fabrics offer amazing moisture-wicking abilities, feel super smooth, and are soft on the skin; they are crafted from premium fabrics for all-day comfort and breathability.

2. Blend of Casual and Formal

Gone are the days when men used to follow strict clothing rules as per the event they were about to attend. Modern men have slowly blurred the distinction between formal attire, and casuals. The new trending men’s fashion supports comfortable semi-formal or semi-casual wear. No matter which clothing style you opt for, it’s usually an amalgamation of modern prints and classic silhouettes. Such clothes can take you from office boardroom meetings to evening dates with your fiance. 

3. Grandpa Core

From grandma core in women’s fashion to now grandpa core in menswear, we get it - older people dress better. The eclectic grandpa style has made a comeback in men’s fashion trends in 2024 with popular personalities like Travis Kelce, the renowned American football player and popstar Taylor Swift’s love interest. But let’s be real! It’s not only grandpa style that has made a resurgence, but it also cements the fact that older men understand better the clothes that suit them. Their love for deluxe colours, relaxed clothing essence, and comfortable fabrics make their style so loved by even modern men.

List of XYXX New Trending Men’s Fashion

While we have already shed light on men’s future fashion trends, XYXX is also not far behind. It has introduced menswear that is truly an innovative take on men’s fashion where style, and comfort reign supreme. The best ones in our collection are: 

Stylish Topwear

Can men’s fashion trends ever complete without mentioning our stunning collection of t-shirts, and athleisure? From solid t-shirts to polo tees to co-ord sets, fleece jackets, and hoodies - every piece in this section is a combination of classic designs with contemporary flair. The solid classy colours, elegant cuts, straight silhouettes, and high-quality fabrics come together to unroll a collection where comfort and durability earn the most attention.


Loungewear is no longer just for lazy days at home. Our loungewear collection is designed to be stylish enough for running errands or casual outings. Soft fabrics, relaxed fits, and trendy designs make our loungewear a wardrobe must-have for modern men. The cotton lounge pants are phenomenal pieces that feel super soft and comfortable on the skin.

Sleeveless T-Shirts

Have you ever thought of tossing out all your tank tops? It’s an impossible move that no man will dare to make. Because sleeveless tees keep you cool during workouts or hot summer days when everything appears itchy on the skin. The highly breathable and comfortable t-shirts of XYXX in various styles and colours complete men’s future-ready wardrobe.


As we’ve already mentioned men’s fashion trends in 2024 are all about the amalgamation of casuals with formals, and athleisure has gained their place in this list. Whether you choose among co-ord sets, winter fleece jackets, cargo joggers, or thermals, you won’t be disappointed with the product quality. Their sophisticated hues, styles, designs, prints, and patterns make them men’s wardrobe essentials. 


Men’s outfits are complete when the right undergarment is paired with the ensemble. To ensure men have access to the best underwear, XYXX has introduced a massive selection of men’s underwear. From briefs to trunks, and boxer briefs to basic, coloured, and sleeveless vests, men can find everything they need in our collection. The fabric technology makes the clothes long-lasting and perfect for repetitive use. So no matter how active you are in them, there is no risk of clothes falling apart or the odour that everyone despises.  

So as we hit the end of the discussion on the future of men's fashion, we can agree that men’s future fashion trends are bright. While the trends focus on sustainability and technology, fashion has become more about long-term wearability. In such a scenario, XYXX is leading the change with beautiful designs that cater to modern men's needs. So whether you’re looking for the latest in topwear, loungewear, or accessories, XYXX has you covered. Stay ahead of the curve by welcoming men’s fashion trends into your wardrobe.

FAQs on Fashion Trends

What’s trending in men's fashion in 2024?

Men’s fashion trends in 2024 are all about sustainable fashion, tech-infused clothing, vintage revival, bold prints and patterns, athleisure evolution, tailored streetwear, oversized silhouettes, statement accessories, and functional fashion.

What is the future of fashion for men in 2030?

By 2030, men’s fashion is expected to be heavily influenced by technological advancements and sustainability. Expect to see more smart clothing, new-age fabrics, and materials, and eye-catching designs that blend various clothing styles. 

How will XYXX approach sustainability in its clothing production?

XYXX remains committed to sustainability by using naturally sourced materials for their menswear.

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