The Definitive Guide to Gym Changing-Room’s Dos and Don’ts

The Definitive Guide to Gym Changing-Room’s Dos and Don’ts

If you’re a regular gym buff or if you recently started working out, then you must know about the daunting gym challenges that await. No, it’s not just the exercise difficulty or heavy-lifting we’re talking about—it’s the sweaty gym clothes and changing-room etiquette.

Although sweating it out can be healthy and makes one feel great, if it’s at the expense of other gym-goers or if you let the sweat rest on you for too long, it could lead to some embarrassing, unhygienic problems. This is especially true in the changing room, where you’ll likely have to undress surrounded by others. A simple solution to this is wearing the right menswear for the gym. This especially includes the right innerwear.

Some changing-room dos and don’ts to help you maintain etiquette and personal hygiene at the gym are as follows:

Respect personal space

Remember, you’re in a public space where you can’t hog the lockers or leave your soiled clothes to hang around. Always maintain one locker for yourself. Make sure not to invade others’ privacy by standing too close when they are changing or hogging someone else’s locker/bench space. Also, while it may be a changing room, avoid roaming around naked. Use a towel as others may not be as comfortable with nudity.

Wear sweat-wicking clothes

No one likes to work out or share changing rooms with sweaty individuals. Now, it’s a given that you will sweat in the gym but wearing the appropriate men’s fashion that’s sweat-absorbent will help keep excess sweat at bay. This is more hygienic as sweating while working out in cotton clothes may cause chaffing, itching and bacterial buildup. This is why opting for Supima cotton men’s clothes, and micro-modal inner-wear is the best option. These fabrics absorb heat and sweat to keep you free from sweat stains, odour and irritation.

Read all about getting the most comfortable gym underwear for your workout sessions.

Don’t take long showers

Your post-gym showers should not be longer than 5 to 8 minutes. It’s indecent to keep others waiting while you take long showers. Besides this, hogging other resources like towels, soaps, tissues etc., is also a big no-no.

Don’t loiter

When you are showered and changed, don’t waste more time sitting on the benches, scrolling on your phone or relaxing in the changing stalls. Move out the changing rooms quickly so that others can use them. The gym changing-room is not the place to do other things like grooming yourself, combing your hair, shaving etc.

Maintain hygiene 

When you are done with your workout, always shower immediately. Letting sweat sink into your skin for too long is not ideal. Maintain hygiene by washing your hands before and after using the changing rooms or showers. Most importantly, remember to keep your sweaty clothes in a bag, especially the intimates. Don’t leave your men’s underwear for the gym hanging around for the world to see!

So, before you hit the gym, keep these etiquettes in mind to avoid unhygienic situations. Buy the best underwear for men along with the right gym clothes from XYXX apparels. Stay cool and clean with these athleisure fabrics!

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