Ten Worst Mistakes Guys Should Avoid In Case Of Boxers

We are here with the ultimate guide for those who often come up with questions like "What size boxer briefs should I wear?" or "How should boxer briefs fit on me?". When they don't get an answer to all these queries, they end up buying the wrong ones. We hope that we will be able to solve the problem. 

 Wearing the same boxer for days 

Maintaining good hygiene is also important when talking about men's undergarments. Many people forget to change their boxers and briefs, maybe because of laziness or love, but it is essential to change them every day. That makes you feel fresh and builds your confidence, as well. If spoken about laziness, you can also check out the new Uno collection for men's boxer shorts online from XYXX, which are made from cotton and micro modal fabric. They come in fun prints too. 

 Wearing very tight boxers to sleep 

Night-time is only for relaxation; thus, wearing tight boxers for boys or any other undergarment should immediately be stopped. Wearing loose and comfortable cotton boxers for men that possess excellent breathability, will not only keep you in good health but also help in reducing DNA fragmentation. 

 Washing with harsh soap or detergent

Using harsh soap or detergent to wash boxers is undoubtedly a bad idea. That will not only ruin the innerwear but, at the same time, cause skin irritation and rashes. So, to protect your innerwear, you should use non-chlorine bleach, which makes your boxer last longer.

 Compromising Breathability

The best way to understand the breathability of a boxer or any underwear is by its cotton content. If the boxer comes made of pure cotton with an adequate absorbent capacity, then the breathability is also quite good. Like in the new Apollo innerwear collection by XYXX, they are 100% cotton with 24-hour freshness guaranteed.

 "Just for fashion." 

Don't buy any innerwear, including boxers and briefs just for the sake of being fashionable. You have to keep in mind the ultimate purpose and comfort before going for a correct buy. 

Bad Elastic

Even if the boxer or brief is of good quality, but the elastic is not up to the mark, then it reduces the overall quality of innerwear. A very rough or tight elastic for the waistband must be avoided strictly. The comfortable micro modal fibre waistband and relaxed fit of the boxers from XYXX's Uno collection, is a stand out from the crowd.

Wrong fabric selection 

As mentioned earlier, choosing the correct fibre for your undergarment is equally important as we do for our regular clothing. Always go for a 100% cotton or micro modal fabric. They are soft, have high sweat absorbent capacity, and have good breathability as well. 

Quality compromise

No matter what happens, one should not compromise on the quality of their innerwear. Often men make this common mistake of compromising on the quality for a low price. But to this, it is a big NO. Investing money and going for a good quality boxer or brief or any innerwear is worth it. 

Not washing

Maintain hygiene and wash your boxer regularly or on alternate days to maintain a healthy lifecycle and avoid genital infections.


Uncomfortable Boxers lead to uneasiness and discomfort. To avoid embarrassment and losing confidence publicly, you should buy boxers that give great comfort and fit with generous support. We would suggest you go for the vast range of new cotton combed boxers and inner wears by XYXX that are soft, have an excellent fit and comfort with a touch of style. 

The quality of our Apollo bamboo cotton underwear collection for men makes it stand out from other big competitors in the market. 

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