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The fabric is lightweight, breathable, easy to obtain and inexpensive to process - making it a fan-favourite of apparel companies and customers alike.

However, regular cotton is not without its own vices. From the use of GMO seeds to the comprehensive use of chemical fertilizers, conventional cotton has a notable impact on the environment and the people involved in its production. The need to make conventional cotton more sustainable and ethical was felt. The answer to this came in the form of organic cotton.

What Is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is an ethical and sustainable version of regular cotton. It is grown with practices that eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and GMO seeds, using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. This helps replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic, carcinogenic pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture, making organic cotton an eco-friendly fabric. Compared to growing conventional cotton, there is a 45% reduction in CO₂ emissions and a 90% reduction in water as a result of growing organic cotton.

XYXX's Organic Cotton Collection

Our latest collection is our next definitive step on our journey towards crafting clothes for positive change. Called Earth 1.0, this collection marks our commitment towards our planet and the environment. Here's why our organic cotton t-shirts are good for you and the planet:

1) GOTS-certified organic cotton

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an internationally recognised leading standard for the processing of textile goods using organic fibres. It is a benchmark for organic status, right from the fibre to the fabric. The Earth 1.0 t-shirt you receive passes rigid quality standards meeting both social & environmental parameters.​

2) Eco-friendly

From when seeds hit the soil to the packaged products - our low carbon footprint makes Earth 1.0 t-shirts way better than just another tee.

3) Socially conscious

XYXX's organic cotton not only reduces the environmental footprint but also promotes safe work and better livelihoods. Growing organic cotton keeps farmers and their families safe from chemical exposure.

4) Fashion-forward

Each of our Earth 1.0 tees is crafted with your comfort in mind. It is tag-free for no-itch comfort, naturally anti-allergenic to keep you fresh and has an invisible seam stitch for a timeless appeal. Featuring a half sleeve, round neck and taped shoulder seams, our Earth 1.0 tee is designed to be your go-to piece through summer and beyond.

5) Tee for tree

To honour our joint commitment towards sustainability a step further. For every order of Earth 1.0 t-shirt placed, we give back a tree to our beloved planet. We've joined hands with Grow-Trees and will plant a tree for water conservation in Rajasthan. You buy a tee, Earth gets a tree!

About Earth 1.0:

Our Earth 1.0 collection of t-shirts crafted in 100% organic cotton is the next step in our journey of crafting clothing for positive change. We have taken the classic crew neck t-shirt and given it a fresh and sustainable upgrade with the Earth 1.0 collection. The no-frills simplicity of these t-shirts is made better by our beautiful GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric's subtle, natural texture, which also ensures that the t-shirts age wonderfully. With our commitment to minimal treatment, on the Earth 1.0 t-shirts for optimum comfort and the lowest environmental impact, turning over a new leaf has never been this easy.

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