Supima Cotton Vs Regular Cotton: Which Is Better?

Menswear is crafted from a variety of fabrics and cotton is a popular choice of fabric thanks to its comfort factor. In the world of cotton fabric, there are a few distinctions that arise between conventional cotton and its superior counterpart aka Supima cotton. But what sets them apart? Let's get to the bottom of this:

1. Purity:

Be it conventional or organic cotton, the crop is usually harvested by a picking process. Supima cotton is usually harvested using a meticulous hand-picking process, ensuring whole fibres and purity. However, regular cotton most often goes through a mechanical picking process to adhere to mass production demands, this could result in damaged fibres that compromise its purity.

2. Farming:

When cultivating conventional cotton, most farmers use genetically modified seeds and harsh chemicals to fend off pests. While Supima cotton is cultivated using natural seeds, devoid of pesticides and promotes an eco-friendly approach to farming.

3. Manufacturing:

Conventional cotton is manufactured with the use of heavy metals and chemical dyes thus posing environmental risks. On the other hand, Supima cotton uses natural or water-based dyes that are better for the environment and uphold manufacturing standards.

4. Skin-friendly:

Due to its manufacturing process, regular cotton might contain residual chemicals which could trigger skin allergies, infections or rashes. However, Supima cotton is manufactured using natural processes, free of harsh chemicals. Thus the fabric is a hypoallergenic alternative that offers a gentle feel on the skin.

Is Supima Cotton More Expensive Than Regular Cotton?

Only 1% of the Earth's cotton is Supima, the superior-quality fabric is crafted using sustainable practices. These factors make the fabric slightly more costlier than regular cotton.

Why Choose Supima Cotton?

Supima cotton offers a luxuriously soft feel on the skin, this fabric is ultra-soft, lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for daily wear. If you're looking for an eco-friendly fabric that will minimize your carbon footprint Supima cotton fits the bill.

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