Answer The Call Of The Wild

Answer The Call Of The Wild

Just imagine: you are in a vast, green, lush grassland witnessing the sunrise. A gentle breeze is swaying the blades of the grass and you can hear water flowing through the nearby stream. At a distance, you can make out the silhouette of giraffes munching on some high-rise trees and an occasional lion’s roar or elephant’s trumpet can be heard. You can spend the day intermingling with the tribes who live there or leisurely roaming around the grassland to connect with nature. Sounds blissful, doesn’t it? Well, the grand grasslands of Savanna do have a mystic charm about them.

Savanna Grassland

Photo by Niko Lewman on Unsplash


Inspired by the said charm of the great African Savanna, we decided to design a collection that serves as nature’s beckoning to those who find themselves trapped in the urban jungle. Introducing to you: Savanna collection of boxers.


Savanna Collection - The Call of The Wild

Whether you wish to embrace your inner beast or unwind in peace, our Savanna boxers are the answer you are looking for. Here’s why you should answer the call of the wild:


  1. Premium Fabric

    The boxers are made with 100% super combed cotton. Our super combed cotton boxers are made from ultra-fine, long-staple cotton fibres which are combed twice and ring-spun into silk-like fine yarns that result in a smooth, strong, supple weave. The resulting fabric is remarkably stronger, softer and longer-lasting compared to conventional cotton.

  2. Unique Prints

    The collection consists of 5 men’s boxers, each highlighting a unique aspect of the Savanna grasslands. The prints - driftwood, hornbill, giraffe, shield and cats - feature a distinctive and inherent element of the African grasslands.

    Men's Boxers With Pockets | Savanna Collection By XYXX

  3. Functional Fashion

    The boxers have pockets on both sides and a fly front with concealed button placket. Thus, they are extremely functional and perfect for everyday use. Additionally, the boxers have been enhanced with an anti-microbial finish to prevent unpleasant odours and rashes, making them extremely comfortable.

  4. Superior Waistband

    No matter how long you wear these boxers for men, the waistband won’t leave any marks on your waist. The soft, printed fabric-covered, anti-roll waistband will stretch without compromising on your comfort.

  5. Wear all day, every day

    The boxers have a laid-back, relaxed fit making them ideal for everyday wear. Pair these boxers with a cotton t-shirt and voila - your WFH attire is sorted. Want to spend a day lazing around - you won't find anything as comfortable as these boxers.

  6. Proudly made in India

    The quirky prints of the Savanna collection may have been inspired by the African grasslands, but like all other XYXX products, this collection has been made in India.


            About #PostcardFromSavanna:

            Savanna Boxers For Men By XYXX - Available Online In India

            The resplendent beauty of the open savanna, the vivid shades of its gorgeous grasslands, the mystic culture of its village folk and its incredibly diverse wildlife, all find expression on this collection of boxers. While hand-drawing the wilderness and its majestic inhabitants, we reimagined the natural splendour of the African Savanna, in all its glory, caught in the oblique rays of the golden sun over its verdant grasslands. Of course, our interpretations include little accents that are true to XYXX. Inspired by the Savanna. At home, everywhere.

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