Outfit Ideas To Nail An Airport Look

No matter if you are an occasional jet setter or someone who has managed to amass a number of miles, comfortable airport clothes are your best travel ally. Besides making you feel comfortable, they also present a unique opportunity for you to project your style and enrich your travel experience. Furthermore, they also help in making a lasting impression on your fellow travellers.

Now, one might feel that there is a whole range of comfy travel outfits for women as we have seen our social media feeds flooded with female ‘celebrity airport looks’. But men have their own style game going on, which has somehow not managed to get the due attention yet! 

Well, don’t fret, we are here to help you mail your airport fashion with the most comfortable and stylish airport wear.

Tips To Make Fashion Statement With Airport Look

While putting together airport outfits for men, you can adhere to the following tips:

  • Comfort is paramount when it comes to airport fashion. Air travel can be tiring prices and hence, it is always advisable to keep yourself as comfortable as possible. Hence, make sure that your airport clothes are made from a soft, lightweight and breathable fabric.
  • Layering is another important tip to remember while putting together your airport look. One can feel hot or cold in the aeroplane or at the airport. Layering is a smart way to cope with varying temperatures.
  • You will have to do a lot of walking (towards your boarding gate, check in counter etc.) Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes so that you can navigate around the airport with ease.
  • You can also carry a snark travel bag, satchel, backpack or sling bag. In addition to keeping all your travel essentials handy, it will also complement your whole look. 

Comfy And Stylish Clothing For Airport Look

We have put together a list of Airport outfits for men that will help you travel in style :

  • Sweatshirts : Cotton sweatshirts can be an excellent pick for a casual airport look as they will keep you cosy. Sweatshirts are super versatile and you can wear them exclusively or with a jacket, sweater etc. You can check out the range of IntelliEaze French Terry Cotton Sweatshirt from XYXX crew.
  • T-shirts : T-shirts are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that can go well with almost anything. You can opt for a round neck t-shirts or polo neck t-shirt and pair them up with jeans or joggers, depending upon your preference. Furthermore, t-shirts can be used as a base layer and a jacket or cardigan can be worn over them while travelling. XYXX crew has a wide range of cotton t-shirts for you to choose from. 
  • Joggers : If you are a fan of the coveted athleisure look, you must try out joggers while selecting your airport wear. They look cool, and casual and feel very comfy. You can pair them up with any t-shirt of your choice and be ready for the long haul. XYXX crew has four collections of men's joggers,Ace, Quest, Hype, and Cruze
  • Hoodies : Hoodies should definitely be a part of your collection of airport clothes. You can wear these over sweatshirts and T-shirts for added warmth. Moreover, you can easily take them off in case you fall inside the plane. 

You can create different combinations out of the above-mentioned options to put together stylish outfits for flying.

Accessories For The Perfect Airport Look

Once you have sorted out your comfy travel outfits, you can check out these accessories to complete your look:

  • Sunglasses : You might not need them when you are at the airport or in the aeroplane, but they will be a cool accessory to have with your outfit. Moreover, you can glide them on, when you step out. 
  • A Good Watch : When we talk about airport look for men, we have to try to keep it pretty simple and sleek. A classic watch that resonates with your personal style and outfit, is a great accessory for a perfect airport look. 
  • Headphones : Although you will get headphones in your aeroplane, carrying a cool pair of noise-cancelling headphones can definitely be an added advantage for you. This cool accessory can elevate your look and help you have discreet conversations. 
  • Tote Bag : It is imperative for you to carry a smart backpack or messenger bag to keep your passport, currency, travel insurance and other documents in place. Besides being stylish, this is a very functional accessory as well.


From a cohesive winter airport look to easy breezy summer airport outfits, the most important thing to keep in mind is to strike a perfect balance between comfort and style. No matter if you are going on long-haul international destinations or a short domestic distance, a comfortable airport look can elevate the charm of your travel. So go ahead and take note of the above-mentioned tips to ace your airport fashion. Happy travels!


  • What should men wear to the airport? : An ideal airport look for men should encompass comfortable joggers/track pants and matching topwear. Comfort is the buzzword when we describe men's airport look. 
  • What pants should I wear to the airport? : You can wear joggers or track pants to the airport. The idea is to look for something that makes you feel very comfortable. 
  • Are jeans comfortable to wear while travelling? : Yes. If you happen to have a comfortable pair of jeans, you can easily wear them while travelling. 
  • How can I look stylish at the airport? : When you choose stylish outfits for flying, you just remember to wear your attire with a lot of panache. Confidence and comfort are two things that can enhance the style quotient of your airport look significantly. 
  • What do celebrities wear to the airport? : Celebrity airport looks also consist of the above-mentioned options. It is just that their outfits are articulately put together by a stylist. 
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