Mumbai Monsoons - The Ultimate Style Guide

Monsoons can feel so refreshing, especially after all that summer heat. Mumbai Monsoons are no exception to this. But, the monsoon season not only brings a cool time with it but also its own set of challenges. The second biggest problem all these water causes after the flooding and transportation issues are the question of what to wear. While staying dry is important, we want to look good as well right? It is thus the time to curate your wardrobe with monsoon outfits. Having the right clothes to wear in the rainy season makes all the difference. 

Get Ready To Revamp Your Wardrobe For Monsoon Season

As the clouds gather, it's important to rethink your outfit choices. Monsoon outfits should be all about balancing functionality with style. You could wear something so cool, but what's the point if you end up all drenched as soon as you get out? Here are some important things that will help you make the right monsoon outfit ideas:

Lightweight Fabrics

Like we said before, clothes made from lightweight fabrics like nylon or polyester offer the dual benefits of being water-resistant and quick to dry. These materials will make sure that even when you do get caught in a shower, you're not left feeling uncomfortable for hours afterwards.

Bright Colors and Prints

Monsoon can often look and feel grey and gloomy. The least you can do to cope with this gloominess is to add some colour to your wardrobe. Brighten up rainy days with fun colours and prints on your monsoon season clothes. Not only do they add a pop of colour to the dreary weather, but they also make you more visible in low-light conditions for better safety.


With the unpredictable nature of monsoon weather, layering becomes essential. What if the sun decides to show up randomly at midday, leaving you to sweat so much, especially with all that humidity? So it's always good to start with a base layer of quick-dry material and add a lightweight jacket, hoodie, or a trendy windcheater on top. This will let you adapt to changing weather conditions easily. With this, you can stay both dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Clothes to Wear in Monsoon Season

When it comes to monsoon season clothes, practicality is key. These kinds of clothes will give you that layer of protection. For everyday wear, light cotton shirts and quick-dry pants are ideal and you can pair them with waterproof footwear to deal with all those puddles and wet streets with ease. Here’s a list of things to make it easier for you to keep track of your essentials:

Waterproof Outerwear

A high-quality waterproof jacket or trench coat is an investment that just cannot go wrong. If it's hooded, all the more good. It will give you some added protection against sudden downpours. 

Lightweight jackets and hoodies

are also a must-have! Going back to the basics, transparent raincoats are trendy as well as practical and you can wear stylish clothes under them as they will show through while keeping you dry.

Quick-Dry Bottoms

Get rid of those jeans, that's the first thing to do while dressing for monsoon. Jeans take forever to dry, even during summer. So swap them out for quick-dry shorts or trousers. Denim tends to soak up water and takes a long time to dry, which can be uncomfortable and impractical during the monsoon. So choose synthetic blends that are water-resistant and dry quickly.


Waterproof boots or sandals designed for wet weather are your best bets for monsoons. Avoid leather as it can get ruined in the rain. Instead, consider shoes with non-slip soles to prevent accidents on slippery surfaces. Brightly coloured or patterned footwear can also add a fun element to your monsoon look.

Must-Have Other Accessories For Mumbai Monsoon

Beyond clothing, rainy-season accessories are also very much needed in your monsoon wardrobe. How long will you wait without an umbrella when it's continuously raining? A sturdy umbrella, preferably wind-resistant, is a must-have to shield you from sudden downpours. Look for compact, wind-resistant models that can withstand Mumbai's sudden gusts of wind without turning inside out. 

Waterproof bags are also a good option to invest in as you can keep your gadgets and documents safe from water damage. Backpacks and cross-body bags with waterproof sealing or covers are ideal for daily commutes. You can finally free your hands and won't need to struggle to hold your umbrella with other things or get through crowded spaces.

Monsoon means slippery streets and muddy puddles, and falling there cannot be something to look forward to. So don’t overlook the importance of protective footwear because water-resistant shoes or sandals with a good grip will keep your feet dry and ensure you move around safely. 

Keeping a quick-dry towel or handkerchief handy will be useful for wiping off rainwater or drying your hands. And if you want to go a bit extra, get those silicone covers for your electronic gadgets. It will protect them from moisture and accidental spills or rain exposure. 

Adapting to Mumbai's monsoon means finally embracing the rain as well as the challenges that it brings with it. With the right monsoon outfits and rainy season accessories, you can get through the season with ease and confidence. You could have some fun in all that rain, after all, it's not the summer that will leave you all sweaty and angry. The clothes we wear in the monsoon season are all about complimenting your usual clothes with practicality. But with all the layering, let's not forget about pieces like t-shirts for men that are light, breathable, and stylish that will be worn under it all. XYXX's collection is all ready to make a splash this monsoon. Check it out and go out this monsoon season in style and comfort! Who knows, with the right accessories and clothes you may find that the rainy season isn't as bad as it makes it out to be!

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