Minimalism - A Simple Yet Sophisticated Fashion Affair

There are a couple of ways to identify minimalistic elevated basics. 

As a brand, most of our basics are minimal and clean, and they always find a way to stand out from the sea of prints and colours the brand does.


Elevated basics are made of the highest quality materials. You can see from a mile that the fabric is long-lasting, comfortable, and oozes that luxury the way only well-made, high-quality fabrics do. When it comes to fabrics, we take pride in our Supima t-shirts, Combed Cotton boxers and pyjamas & Micro Modal underwear.


Be it slightly oversized or slim fitting, custom-made or off the rack, minimalistic trends or not, we have taken care of the fit for you. Our Supima cotton tees glide onto your body effortlessly to give you a sleek, regular fit while our underwear hugs you to give you a barely-there feeling.


Often, it’s the minimalistic details that take an item from basic to elevated basic. It may be an interesting, asymmetric cut detail, an edgy sleeve or button, an interesting pattern or colour, or simply a belt – these are the details that steal glances from the on-lookers.


A good elevated basic style will be immensely versatile. The best part about owning some minimal designs in your wardrobe is you can dress it up or down or style it in different ways. The world won’t even know that you’re wearing the same item again and again (not that wearing the same item is a problem). But we all like to flaunt some variety, isn’t it?


We may have been led to believe that price is the only telling factor of quality, and that expensive pieces are always superior but that’s not always true. Sure, quality often comes with a higher price tag, but it’s still worth examining whether we are truly getting what we want and what we are paying for. Quality is a little opaque term, it usually signifies a clothing item that has been made with care, is durable and will last a long time. 

The fabric feels nice on the skin and is mostly made of natural materials, the finishing touches and details are right, and the cut and silhouette fit fine. 

That is why we are so immensely proud of our Supima, Combed cotton and Micromodal fabrics which are also naturally sourced and sustainable.


Style stems from the right attitude as well. The less is more, pulling off a solid-t-shirt-with-denim-and-ringing-all-the-right-bells kinda confidence. 

If you look at your favourite style icons, you’ll see that sometimes they can wear the simplest clothing ever, and it just looks different on them.

Why? Because they wear it with such effortlessness. This is not even a criterion of elevated minimalistic basics, but a bonus. 

Minimalism translates to such minute details and extends way beyond simple obvious things like colour or design. This has become a way of life that we have slowly absorbed in our product aesthetics, thus keeping our basics elevated. 

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