Maintain Your Work-Life Balance With The Best WFH Work Clothes

The pandemic of 2020 was unexpected and while working from home for extended periods might not have been possible before, it had become the norm for most companies. Some of them continue to offer a flexible WFH policy for their employees. With the widespread adoption of a work-from-home policy, many problems have occurred, one of which is in the decorum of their employees. Home is not a place where wearing uncomfortable formal clothes is a good option for the long term.

It's time to start wearing comfy work-from-home clothes that keep you comfy and make you look professional while being comfortable. 

So we are going to discuss some fantastic casual clothes to wear at home that can be deemed as both professional and comfy at-home clothes. 


The most crucial aspect to consider while buying clothes is the comfort of the fabric. One excellent option is to buy men's T-shirts and pyjamas online, which are already semi-formal and can show off your playful as well as responsible personality. What’s better is that it can be worn as loungewear as well, making this a truly versatile outfit. The material is a high-quality fabric where subtlety, style and sophistication are all rolled up into one crisp-looking tee, and XYXX’s Iconique collection is indeed iconic in this aspect. Their T-shirts are a wardrobe investment for all intents and purposes and are loved by their existing users. It’s tag-free for no-itch comfort and is made from 100% Supima cotton, which is extra soft to feel. What’s more, is that all Suprima products at XYXX are proudly made in India. So hurry and buy cotton T-shirts online from our website and avail exciting offers.


The second thing to keep in mind is the fit of the clothes. When it comes to what to wear at home for men, the first thing that comes to mind is men's oversized tee. While comfortable, they are an inferior option when it comes to using them for office purposes. Here the concept of business casuals for men comes into play. Supima cotton T-shirts are the perfect choice. When looking for such a product, check out Supima cotton T-shirts. It's known for its incomparable fit and quality. The T-shirts are made with a modern fit that fits close to the body with fantastic stretch and finishes.


The third most important factor in choosing stay-at-home outfits is their design. The nature of the product should be formal yet comfortable, and should not look out of place in an office environment, even though you are practically sitting at home. Another critical factor here is choosing the best colour to wear for Zoom meetings

Usually, try to go for lighter pastel shades such as teal, sky blue, lemon yellow, beige and likewise. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always go for darker (still solid colour) shades such as violet and maroon. But be careful, you’re buying it with the need for ‘What to wear at home all day’. Hence choose your colour palette wisely. But either way, a light pastel shade would be appropriate anywhere. Try to avoid prints or large brand logos as they are pretty unprofessional and distracting to look at. 


Next is the style of outfit you should choose. When it comes to what to wear while working from home in India, the best fibre to buy is cotton. The light and absorbent cotton clothing is the perfect combination for places with extreme climatic conditions. Buy men's V-neck T-shirts with pyjamas online to avoid going outside. Our T-shirts, V-neck tees and pyjamas go a long way in accentuating comfort for the working professional. All the products in this category are made with a subtle ribbed, lie-flat neckline that never loses its shape whilst having a soft and comfortable neckline. You will find hundreds of options to choose from when you search for T-shirt pyjamas for men online.


Finally, let’s talk about innerwear. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it is incredibly easy to mess up, and an astounding number of people do mess it up. Properly fitting underwear that is neither too tight nor too loose is the key. Finding a proper size is not difficult anymore. If you're searching for amazing mens cotton boxers online, check out our collection, add to your cart and shop now.

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