Look For Stylish Yet Comfortable WFH Outfits!

The pandemic has changed our way of life, especially on the work front. To date, some offices continue to adopt a WFH policy (lucky for their employees) while others have adopted a fluid system consisting of a mix of WFH and work-from-office days. This new way of working is coupled with the predicament of maintaining the dress code for working from home. How do you carry yourself in comfy work-from-home clothes while working on your laptop, attending meetings through video conferences and also doing other household chores in between? The adage, “work expands to fill the time”, has become all the more apt for today when your home becomes your place of work. How embarrassing will it be if you have to keep the team waiting before the video conference starts, to change into some outfit more presentable? 

To address this concern, there is a unique offering of comfortable home clothes by XYXX. It is teeming with unlimited collections of comfy work-from-home clothes to take care of both your needs of feeling comfortable and looking stylish. 

If you're one of the lucky ones who can WFH, then you need comfortable work from home clothes in your closet right now. During the summer season, the most important thing to shop for is trendy summer work from home outfits. For, it's not just staying home and feeling relaxed, but also working round the clock and completing your assignments within the schedule. We tend to worry, thinking about what type of clothes actually can suit us when we need to look presentable in a video conference. For men, on the other hand, when they are not required to interface visually with colleagues or clients on a project, what could be better than a loose-fitting t-shirt for men? The convenience of ordering casual attire, like men’s shorts, and t-shirts online, from the comfort of your home, with just a click of a computer mouse, was all that they could have asked for. 

For some, wearing WFH Clothes is the most relieving experience. They do not have the constraints of the regularity of an official dress code. Instead of getting into the comfortable best WFH clothes is bliss, they work effortlessly even for extended hours. To add to their relief, XYXX brings a variety of comfy clothes like t-shirts and pyjamas online. 

The work from home wardrobe-essentials includes a few comfier versions of polo t-shirts for occasional video meet which can give you a formal look in a more comforting way. For the days of no meeting online, some pairs of comfy pyjamas or shorts and casual t-shirts as workwear when you work from home can be a better choice than anything else. 

Moreover, when ensuring social distancing is the new norm, you are not going outside and having a party. Forced to lead a monotonous life, estranged from the excitement of the outside world, why not add some element of fun while choosing your clothes for working from home? As colours can sometimes get you out of your boredom, adding some extra vibrant colour to your regular attire can add a bit of radiance to your work efficiency. Choose loungewear for men from XYXX, but not the funny workwear when you work from home.

A Few Tips to Keep You Comfy and Stylish:

  • Though baggier clothes seem to be more comfortable, they sometimes don’t give you that polished look that is expected by the employer. So it’s always advisable to opt for light-fitted shirts or polos to comply with the dress code.
  • Solid colours like brown, navy, blue and black are more professional when it comes to selecting a colour for your clothes.
  • Though sometimes, for a change of routine, you can opt for some vibrant coloured clothes in shades of - red, orange and yellow.
  • To match with the upper half, it is essential to choose your pant colour as carefully as done earlier.
  • Choose shorts of solid colours like olive green, brown, and light sky coupled with a polo t-shirt for a good combination of attire for work from home, not only are they comfy but trendy as well.
  • Checked pyjamas with a simple round neck cotton t-shirt are a perfect blend of casual and comfort during summer days.

XYXX brings you a one-stop solution to all your work from home days and doing daily office work with the comfort of adorning good fabric clothes. The brand also ensures a trendy look that suits every individual without making it heavy and choking.

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