In The New Normal, Casual Meets Formal

In The New Normal, Casual Meets Formal

2020 has been a year of many firsts. After having lived through months of lockdown and adapting to the new alternative lifestyles, we have made this transition the current accepted normal. Along with many aspects of our lives that have merged together, fashion too has taken a very transformative route, breaking away from its traditional appeal.

As office culture has moved to the comforts of our home, have you also been at the receiving end of WFH schedules and Zoom calls?

Well, you won’t be the only one who might also think that your style sheet has been off the hook along with the change of lifestyle.

As the culture of WFH seems to be indefinitely continuing for the next few months, and the new normal will become the accepted routine, the lines between formal and casual attire will be ever blurring.

2020 did not have a year of dictated trends and fashion, and we say this is the year where casual and formal would merge more into one solid style.

Listing below some fun ways to mix casual and formal pieces, for looks that will take your casual Friday conservatism well into the dapper weekend.


The Tee-shirt Suit Combo

If you are a Marketeer or a Creative field person, you know how cool this style has been by the fashion creators. The tee-under-suit look may not have been possible at work for some earlier but now can most definitely serve anyone for those quick zoom calls.

Above all things, the suit needs to be well-tailored, with a slim-fit jacket and trousers that are streamlined, running along the leg lines without being skinny.

Then, look at the color. This pared-down tailored look is all about minimalism, so opt for a neutral block-colored suit (think grey, beige, brown, and black). Be bold to play around with hues; opt for pastels for a more summery look.

Going tonal (matching the t-shirt color with the suit) works super well with navy and charcoal, blending the look and playing down the absence of a traditional button-up shirt.

Otherwise, go monochrome – contrasting the dark with the light; a red tee under a pastel beige slim-fit blazer. Finally, keep the t-shirt length to waist-height or casually tucked in.


The Classic “Shirt-tie-Coat” meets PJ’s combo

Ever imagined of seeing such a trend?

We did not even imagine writing one! But the possibility of pulling off this look is more realistic now than it has ever been. It helps you to create that lasting impression while you are probably engrossed in having a big presentation on a video call, and trying to pitch something important.

SO what if you are home? Time to discard the idea that being at home amounts to being negligible in appearance and style. It is as important to be well-dressed whether you are at home or at work, but the trick lies in combining fashion and comfort. If you don’t have to stand up, choose the comfiest of Pyjamas to keep you snuggling!

The Boxer Boy with the Formals

 Honestly, depending on how lazy or smart you are (we would say we are a 10/10 in that department), or didn’t have much time to grab something more substantial than boxers, this choice of style clearly has our vote. Haha! And why not? Wouldn’t this be a more comfortable alternative during the humid summer or monsoon season!

We love to be more at ease with breathable fabrics, keeping us dry and letting us kill it at our Zoom calls, very French style! ;)

As long as the camera is only picking up our formal style, and while that is a testament to our professionalism - we are cool. Aren’t we? Hell yeah!

We just suggested wearing boxers with formals with a visual representation.

It is an XYXX approved style, boys! No questions asked!

The style game for office wear has completely changed this year. Many are now opting to stock up more on WFH clothes or loungewear than buying shirts and formals. While some staple classics can be in your wardrobe as they should, the idea of pairing formals or even ties with a shirt and PJ’s or cotton pants - is no longer blasphemous!

You also have to think of functionality over just being in style these days. The other alternative to keep your sense of style kicking while mixing casual and formal could be picking up more colors and prints. Guys always tend to play it safe by sticking to blacks and whites! How about you infuse some solid colors in your wardrobe with some statement T-shirts that you could layer and wear ? Stellar idea honestly! Go, give it a try!

In the new normal, casual undeniably marries formal. ;)

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