Importance Of Sleepwear For Men: Why Do We Need It!

Did you ever realize that not getting your sleepwear right may have been the reason for the streak of bad nights sleep you had been getting off late? Or that you needed to have a men’s nightwear set or men’s pyjama cotton? Or the fact that you needed a nightwear combination at all?

A lot of individuals don’t really consider the importance of sleepwear. Think of it this way: just like you have work clothes for professionalism and clothes that you would wear for a night of clubbing or party, your sleep time also demands a specific dress code. And it comes with many benefits! Just calling it a day and crashing into bed is something that we would never ever recommend, for obvious reasons!

1. Different style of men’s sleepwear

Men’s sleepwear ranges from Pyjamas to boxers, vests, and co-ords for suits. 

While style variations are amplified with choice in design, what stays constant though is opting for the right kind of material and combination. There is also a bit of a history of sleepwear attached to sleeping clothes for men like the Pyjamas. 

Did you know? The word “Pyjama” comes from the Hindi word “Pae-Jama” literally translated to “leg-clothing,” and its usage can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire. Pyjamas were originally introduced by the western world in 1870 when the British colonials decided to adopt them as an alternative to their traditional nightwear. 

The need for sleepwear as a part of your extended wardrobe is more than just a piece of history attached to it. It extends that much-required comfort and lets your senses truly relax in the silhouette and design of the outfit. It is comfort at its best as the material of the sleepwear is more looser and does not cling to your body. This allows you to sleep uninhibited and makes sure there is blood circulation and no obstruction while you sleep, twist, and turn.

Even with boxers or men’s nightwear shorts, there is so much room for movement and flexibility. This enables you to be more at ease and have a good night's sleep!

Although in recently fashion, sleepwear has also become an outerwear style, know that the materials used to make the same designs for different occasions are also diverse!

Hence do not confuse your loungewear to be your sleepwear! Your loungewear could be your pair of shirt and pants that you wear at home excessively these days for your WFH routines - they could be a variety of co-ords and mix & match that you throw in for the laid back and sluggish approach to get through life. 

But your sleepwear? We are tagging Pyjamas or the PJ’s to be the bedtime specials sans the fabric irritations and annoying drawstrings, the best clothes to sleep in. Pyjamas are your nighttime affair and not a hidden secret.

2. Reasons why your Night Clothes Affect Your Sleep

You can underestimate the need for style in your nightwear, but you absolutely cannot dismiss the benefits of a good night's sleep based on good night co-ords!

If you are not dressed right and end up feeling too hot unknowingly in your sleep, can you guess what happens? Your body overheats when you are dozing which can cause the body to stop producing melatonin and enough growth hormones.

This can negatively impact your metabolism and other things. Opting to sleep in a more relaxed and comfy zone ensures a night of good sleep, and improves your functionality.

Stay cool with more breathable fabrics that are lightweight. 

Wearing the wrong kind of clothing can also lead to various fungal infections or allergies, so it is imperative to opt for more natural fabrics in your sleepwear and avoid the uglies. Wearing loose clothing helps in those night time repairs, growth and circulation and lets you breathe more naturally! 

Cotton nightwear and men’s pyjamas cotton are also the idle selection for that best sleep. 

The idea that crashing in at the end of the day because you are too lazy to get into your nighttime wear should be subsequently discarded. While we don’t give it much of a thought, but now you know the multiple benefits that choosing the right sleepwear can have on your sleep and indirectly your health. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What percentage of people wear pajamas to bed?

There is no actual statistical figure for an answer to this question. Instead it is a speculative theory, but on average, kids and older men choose to wear pyjamas to bed. If we could give an exploratory percentage, it would be nearly 65% of people.

2. What is a nightgown used for?

A nightgown is your basic nighttime wear or a comfy dress you use for sleeping.

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