How to Style Men's Shorts Outfits in Different Ways?


Men love shorts yet sometimes, men don't know how to style them. The real reason behind men’s hesitation in welcoming a greater number of shorts in their wardrobe is the lack of fail-safe style guides on shorts and pant styles. While versatile, comfortable, and breezy men's shorts can be styled in numerous ways to suit various men’s styles, styling men’s shorts in a way that spells out your style game can be challenging without a great guide. So, we are ready with a wonderful guide to help you find the perfect shorts style for men.

Styling Men's Shorts with Different Outfits

Our men’s shorts style guide begins with helping you get an idea of what to wear with shorts. Because knowing how to style shorts begins with choosing the right men’s top wear that brings out men’s brighter side. So let’s dive in: 


You can never go wrong by pairing shorts with a T-shirt. Because let’s be real, shorts with T-shirts is a timeless combination. Since shorts became mainstream in the men's fashion world, we have come across ample proof of men looking deliciously handsome in shorts and tee combos. Take old Hollywood movies to 80s and 90s series or just old, nostalgic pictures from that era, you will find stunning young men rocking this combo without a second thought. And guess what? All of them look no less than models!


If tees with shorts look too casual, worry not you still have a solution to uplift the look into a smart-casual ensemble by pairing your shorts with a polo shirt. Cotton collared polo t-shirts with versatile men’s shorts strike a balance between casual and smart which can take you from a casual office lunch date to a day in the Golf park. A pair of loafers or boat shoes with this outfit is the only other accessory that you need.

Hoodie Jackets or Hoodies

No matter which one you are a fan of, you can always go for any of these with shorts style for men. When transitional weather arrives or the temperature drops at night, wrap yourself in the warmth of a fleece jacket. But protect yourself from overheating by simply slipping on a pair of shorts that you feel good in and complement this look with sneakers.

Tank Tops

As we all know shorts have always been associated with beach looks, nothing completes the men’s beach outfits as good as men’s leisure tank tops. Add flip-flops and sunglasses with this beach ensemble for a relaxed, vacation-ready outfit.

Different Types of Shorts for Men

Men's style with shorts can be as versatile as one can think about based on the types of shorts one has chosen to put on. With every short type, the styles also shift from cool casual to smart casual and more! Let’s check out the best short pants style for men:

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are the cool cousins in the gang of men’s shorts styles. This tasteful leg-wear has evolved from being just a pair of shorts to its more elegant version. Just put on one and you will surely feel the change of vibe in your appearance. You can’t help but feel and look more elevated than before! We at XYXX, have a range of chino shorts that streamline your look to help you get ready for smart casual events. Also, chino shorts pair well with polo shirts, button-down shirts, and even blazers.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are perfectly fit to be home wear. So when you are at home and need lightweight cotton bottom wear, nothing beats the ease and convenience of boxer shorts. Made of timeless colours, prints, and designs, these shorts are the epitome of comfort, breathability, and softness. Just slip on a pair while at home with tees or vests, and you are summer-ready!

Athletic or Regular Shorts

Made from moisture-wicking materials such as cotton, regular shorts are quintessential men’s bottom wear for sports and physical activities. With a drawstring detail at the waist, these shorts let you loosen or tighten the short waist as needed. Pair these with t-shirts, and sneakers for a complete athletic look.

Lounge Shorts

It’s time to lounge in style with lounge shorts. Whether you are at home or just resting in a hotel lobby or at the beach, these versatile men’s shorts hold the power to take you from your haven (home) to sandy beaches. Pair them with tees or polos for a casual or smart-casual look.

XYXX Men's Stylish Shorts

As you now have an extensive men’s shorts style guide handy, let’s find out the best ones in the shorts collection of XYXX:

Everyday Shorts

The best pick in this list of versatile men’s shorts from XYXX Crew, it’s a super combed cotton-made stretchable short that protects you from moisture-caused skin irritation and feeling suffocated in it. Its lightweight, airy vibe is what you need during summer.

Lazy Lounge Modal Shorts

Another amazing pick in our list of best men’s shorts, this pair of shorts keeps you comfortable while working from home or travelling long-haul flights or train journeys. Its comfort, stretch, and comfort level will keep you comfortable all day long.

Straight Fit City Chino Shorts

If you haven’t already fallen in love with chino shorts from the description above, you’ll surely fall in love now. Our 100% peached twill cotton shorts are classic shorts that will give you compliments from strangers and friends alike. Its belt loops and zippered closure offer practical utility. Style them with crew neck tees and polo t-shirts alike.

IntelliSmooth Cotton Rich Shorts

In the list of short pants styles, XYXX’s shorts enhanced with IntelliSmooth fabric technology deserve a space due to its level of softness against the skin, and its guarantee to ensure odour-free comfort all day long. 

Leisure Boxer Shorts

XYXX’s short collection of leisure shorts is an instant must-have in every man's wardrobe. Enhanced with IntelliEaze fabric technology, these shorts are infused with top-level comfort and unmatched breathability. 

As we’ve reached the end of the discussion on styling men's shorts, we can confidently claim it’s both fun and versatile. With a deep dive into the different types of shorts for men and tips on how to style shorts, you can now create a range of stylish outfits suitable for every casual event. And with the list of the best ones from the XYXX Crew collection, you can now beat the heat in style. So hurry! Welcome summer wardrobe staples to your collection and look your best in short pants style.

FAQs on Men’s Short Pants Styling

What would be best to wear with shorts?

T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hoodies, vests or button-down shirts go well with shorts. You can choose your top-wear depending on the essence of the event you’re about to attend.

What is the proper way for men to wear shorts?

The best way for men to wear shorts is to choose shorts that fit well. Shorts that sit comfortably around your waist and end just above the knee without being overly baggy or tight are perfect.

Which are the best accessories to wear with shorts?

Accessories like belts, watches, sunglasses, minimal necklaces, finger rings, and hats are the best accessories to wear with shorts. 

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