How To Mix And Match Athleisure To Maximise Style

Athleisure apparel has gained much popularity in recent times. Previously, predominantly, athleisure was limited to sportswear and gym wear; however, the wide-scale branding and advertisement have made this activewear acceptable as daily casual among many fashion buffs. 

Nowadays, people don’t just wear these comfy attires to the gym but also work. That is because of the evolution in the garment type and the variety of designs available in the market. 

As a result, more and more people are getting fond of athleisure outfits. Besides, they are also now experimenting with their looks and fusing various fashion ideas to implement in their athleisure wear. Mix and match have always been an integral part of Vogue, a leading fashion magazine. Following the trends, people are bound to fuse athleisure casuals with denim wear and other sports garments to look trendy. 

Not to forget athleisure is not just limited to men’s wear as these are quite popular among women as well. Comfort clothing fused in style is the motto followed at XYXX Apparels for men. Therefore, whenever you wish to shop for some premium branded athleisure men’s wear, you know where to look.

Features of Athleisure Apparel 

Even though it is a widely accepted attire among fitness enthusiasts, athleisure is worn nowadays by many celebs and commoners. The casual look that this attire carries is preferred by many. Moreover, it is easy to slide in and does not require investing time and effort as formals do. XYXX Apparels features a series of stylish and comfy athleisure garments which are quite trending. Let us take a brief look at the features of Athleisure garments:

  • These attires are made of soft and gentle fabrics that have sweat-absorbent qualities.
  • Along with having sweat-absorbent qualities, these fabrics are great for fighting obnoxious odours.
  • Its comfy stature and durable fabric are convenient for spending long hours at work as well as for hitting the gym.
  • Can be worn throughout the year, through all seasons and especially in summers.
  • Gives you a casual appeal without having to invest much time and labour in dressing up.
  • Lastly, they are budget-friendly attires when compared to denim and formal wear.

Fashion bloggers and influencers are advertising athleisure attires. That has made it into trend fashion, which is gaining immense popularity in the Indian market. Manufacturers in the athleisure market in India have also benefited. Demand for athleisure wear is growing very fast in the market.

What comprises Athleisure Attire?

Athleisure attire encompasses a diverse range of clothing items designed for both active wear and casual wear. This includes items such as tracksuits, track pants, windbreakers, joggers, cargo pants, boxer shorts, and cotton t-shirts, all tailored with a blend of comfort and style. Additionally, athleisure extends beyond apparel to include footwear designed for versatile wear throughout the day. These shoes often feature odour-repellent and sweat-absorbent properties, making them suitable for various activities from work to the gym, as well as jogging and walking. Athleisure socks are also available to complement these shoes, offering comfort and performance during everyday activities.

Styles to shop for at XYXX Apparels

Here are some styles from our collection that you can buy to create your casual athleisure wardrobe.

  • Get hold of our Jet-Setter Zip-Up Jackets for men that are designed for all things work and play and everything in between. They go perfectly well with our cargo joggers to create the most charming ensemble for your day out in the city. XYXX Apparels will sort your athleisure wardrobe with the best. Whether you hit the gym work from home, or go out into the city, our zip-up jackets are an ideal pick to opt for. 
  • Shop for men’s shorts and t-shirts online at XYXX Apparels and wear them along with high-fashion athleisure shoes.
  • Your Athleisure wardrobe is never complete without hoodies. Check out some of our stylish hoodies from the Ascent collection and hoodie jackets from the Alpha collection. Do not compromise on style when it comes to hoodies. That is the one quintessential style element that's popular among athleisure enthusiasts.
  • Also, do not miss out on co-ord sets when it comes to Athleisure style.
  • Co-ord sets are a must-have in the realm of athleisure fashion, offering effortless coordination and chic style in one ensemble.With their cohesive design, co-ord sets eliminate the hassle of mixing and matching while ensuring a polished and on-trend look. Whether you're lounging at home, running errands, or hitting the gym, co-ord sets provide a versatile and fashion-forward option for embracing the athleisure lifestyle.

Since the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal. People are least bothered about dressing up for work as most meetings today are conducted through video conferences. Such meetings barely expose what the colleagues wear, thereby turning athleisure wear to be the most commonly worn attire for work from home.

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