How To Make A Style Statement With Underwear

There is a variety of underwear that you must try out at least once in your life if not all. The experience that comes from using a particular type of underwear determines whether it will make its way to your daily wear or not. While men prefer to stick to the same kind of underwear based on the comfort it offers, it’s recommended to try out new underwear based on its fabric quality, patterns and design to make daily life and chores more convenient. If you try men's innerwear online purchase, you get to browse through a myriad of collections and good quality products. Our underwear range is one of the best underwear brand for men in India. 

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Various styles of underwear we're talking about: As few men prefer micro briefs, others prefer boxers, and further some more men are fond of boxer briefs and midway briefs. Research says more than often, men tend to stick to that one style of underwear out of habit as they settle down for that particular style and comfort more than preference. Hence, 90% of boxer briefs and briefs are ruling the market more than any others. 

We're yet to find out the factors that make any underwear the best underwear for men based on their experiences. The factors that we're going to discuss are common for all underclothes irrespective of their type and style. Let's see:


From micro briefs to boxer briefs and trunks, there are a plethora of men’s innerwear styles. As for preference, men rely on boxer briefs and midway briefs that don’t roll up or aren’t tight in the pouch area. If you want the best boxer briefs, then check out our collection for the best Men's boxers online. Boxer shorts are loose ones that roll up quickly underneath the outer clothing and also offer a little support. On the other hand, briefs provide excellent support and complete coverage. They’re a great choice if you decide to wear anything tight-fitting or low-waist. Their natural crease, the Y-shape precisely, is excellent for wearing it all day as it runs down smoothly between the body and legs.


Have you ever thought about how colours can have an impact on your innerwear and not just your outerwear? Well here is the thing, the colour of your underwear wouldn’t be visible through dark-coloured pants like denim or cordroys. However, cotton pants or sheer pants can show the colour of your underwear and embarrass you in public. Especially if you wear dark-coloured underwear in summer. Hence you should opt for white or nude coloured underwear or even some shade of grey. When it's time to hit the search bar with 'men’s innerwear online shopping' you will find inners for men on our webpage. Buy men's innerwear online and you will also get an array of men's innerwear brands in India.


Frankly, there’s a lot to say about this. Innerwear contributes to a lot of our health and hygiene and thus, it is okay to be picky while choosing them. As there are always good and bad ones, avoid underwear with nylon or spandex materials. Not only do these fabrics cause itchiness to the skin, but they also make the pouch sweaty and smelly which leads to infections such as rashes and allergies. As fabric plays a significant role in any type of clothing, it should be chosen wisely, pick naturally sourced fabrics like TENCEL™ Modal Micro fabric or cotton. Microfiber or micro-modal are the hallmark fabrics as they are three times softer than cotton. They’re unique in terms of breathability and moisture-wicking capability. They feel like a second skin and will help you stay cool and odour-free all through the day. To find the best quality men’s innerwear, you just need to search for underwear men online. Buy men's trunks online and get a crazy collection of the best underwear for men.

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