How Should Briefs Ideally Fit?

Just how you like your clothes to fit you well and comfortably to get through the day while offering a perfect fit, your undergarments such as the men's micro briefs and modal briefs should also fit well on your body and provide a smart and comfortable fit. However, if you tend to buy ill-fitted underwear, it won't only make you uncomfortable while sitting, standing, or walking but also irritate the skin due to being too tight or loose. Therefore, you must invest only in true-fit underwear that will stay skin-friendly and feel like your second skin

This post will tell you how to shop for the right brief to offer you a relaxed and comfortable fit.

Types of briefs:

Some of the different types of briefs are:

1. Boxer
2. Bikini
3. Boxer Brief
4. Trunk
5. Long Underwear
6. Mesh Underwear
7. Tapered Boxers

How should briefs ideally fit?

Your brief needs to fit you well without being too loose or tight. The fitting of the brief depends on the cuts it has and the fabric it is made from. Some briefs are made from cotton fabric, while some can be made from modal or other material.

Modal briefs feel comfortable to wear and soft to touch. It is a kind of rayon fabric, also known as artificial silk, that is absorbent, breathable, and stays cool. It is also not so prone to fading and resistant to shrinkage

So, if you think it's cotton v/s modal underwear, let us tell you that modal makes a better choice due to the below reasons, which makes a perfect combination for your brief to fit you ideally:

1. Drapes seamlessly
2. 50% more absorbent than cotton
3. Durable quality due to close weaving and long fibers

Besides, it stays soft and smooth on the skin while keeping your cool and dry to get through the warm and humid day.

Factors to consider that will help you buy premium briefs with the right fit

Size - Always buy a brief of the same size as your trouser to get perfect fitting around the hips and waist.

Material - Go for a flexible material if you want to buy boxer briefs; keep in mind to opt for your trouser size. If you feel your brief's legs are binding, try for one bigger size to enjoy the freedom of movement and flexibility.

Design - Check how the front opening slot is designed to get a comfortable and desired fit. For example, the slot must have maximum overlapping, and it should not extend to the crotch seam. Also, good fit briefs must have a shallow seat and tapered legs to fit closer to your butts and prevent rolling


To buy the ideal fit men's underwear, look for the above-given points. We hope this page will help you choose a comfortable brief that fits you well!

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