How Certain Habits Can Save You In The Longer Run

How Certain Habits Can Save You In The Longer Run

While each one of us knows the importance of personal hygiene, some things need to be taken care, a little more than usual. Jock itch is one of those infections that can happen if a number of our daily practices are ignored. While male athletes or overweight people tend to catch it more, the rest of us aren’t completely resistant to it either. Still, confused about what jock itch is? Read on to know more.

Understanding Jock Itch

It is primarily an infection that is caused by ringworm that mostly resides in warm or moist parts of the body. Hence it is very easily caught up by people who sweat a lot, are overweight or have some kinds of skin conditions like eczema.

Since the groin area, inner thighs and anus are mostly prone to moisture and sweat, jock itch is most likely to develop there.

The most common symptoms of jock itch are

  1. Itching and burning
  2. Rashes
  3. Cracking or peeling skin

To prevent yourself from this unwanted irritation and suffering, you must be mindful about what you wear and also focus on your genital hygiene.

When are you most likely to get jock itch? 

  1. Wearing tight clothes especially innerwear for men can easily irritate the skin as they do not leave a lot of room for airflow through the surface of the skin, thus leading to jock itch.
  2. Sweating. Since moisture is the primary cause of jock itch, sweating specifically around groin area mostly ends you up with a jock itch.
  3. Casual hygiene habits. If you share your sweaty clothes or wet towels with others or even wear your swimsuit for a long time, it leads to skin irritation. 

If you are overweight or have a weak immune system.

  1. Wearing low-quality undergarments. Since your groin area is most exposed to your underwear, wearing low quality or tight underwear can lead to skin irritation and can further cause skin chafing.

How to prevent jock itch?

It is not that difficult to prevent yourself from this infection as long as you are mindful about your hygiene. Good personal hygiene will take you a long way and keep jock itch at bay. Hence it is of utmost importance to inculcate a good hygiene routine. Here are some tips that you must keep in mind.

  1. Needless to say, the first and foremost task is to keep your bathing schedule in check. Certainly, bathing daily is a must; but you should bathe again if you sweat a lot during the day, specifically after working out. While you’re at it, clean your groin and thighs properly with soap and warm water. 
  2. Keep yourself dry. After you take a shower, pat yourself dry completely before wearing clothes. Groin area and upper thighs must be taken care of properly while drying. Cleanliness and dryness are both of the utmost importance.
  3. Wear clothes that aren’t too tight. It is not necessary to wear loose clothes but to choose the right clothes with proper fitting, especially underwear for men and sportswear, will do the job. Tight clothing will cause regular chafing against your skin. This agitates the skin causing rashes and burns.
  4. Avoid sharing your clothing items, towels and sportswear with anyone else. Jock itch spreads easily when dirty or used clothes are shared, thus, causing serious skin issues.
  5. Do not repeat your undergarments. Without a second thought, the innerwear must be changed at least once a day. If you have come back from a workout or feel too sweaty, change it again after taking a shower.
  6. Try to wear loose undergarments while exercising to avoid too much of sweat retention underneath.
  7. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or lycra. This will ensure dryness. 
  8. Invest thoughtfully in your innerwear. You can look for men’s innerwear online. Go for suitable fabric, fit and then buy.


While staying hygienic is one of the primary requirements of preventing jock itch, choosing the right undergarment is just a close second. Boxers and trunks are a good choice when choosing innerwear. Look for men’s boxers online in preferably cotton fabric. You can also buy men’s trunks online to get a variety of options to choose from.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Of-course jock itch can be treated once you get it, but to save yourself from the unwanted suffering, it is better to take measures to prevent it. Your lifestyle matters the most. And while people think that men are mostly unhygienic or keep their surroundings shabby, it is great to prove them wrong. Do not hesitate to say No when someone asks for your towel or clothes. Always remember your health matters the most. 

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