Get Rid Of The Irritating Underwear Wedgies

We have all experienced wedgies irrespective of what kind of underwear we wear. Men experience underwear wedgies all the time, and it is the worst feeling in the world. But if you are wondering why your shorts give you a wedgie, then the problem is not in the shorts. There can be many reasons as to why you might be getting a wedgie. So, instead of talking about the problem alone, let us also tell you how you can prevent underwear wedgies

Wear tight-fitting underwears

One of the best ways to stop underwear from rolling up is to wear a tight-fitting one. Loose-fitting underwear can be very comfortable. However, they might keep rolling up or down, making you uncomfortable. It can be solved if you buy underwear that fits you a little tight. But remember, it shouldn’t be too tight because it can make you uncomfortable.

Discard old underwear

Many of us have a habit of wearing worn-out underwear. The old underwear loses its firmness and elasticity, which makes it roll down. Getting wedgies is more common if the underwear is not in shape. So, if you are fed up and want to prevent underwear wedgies, get rid of the old ones first. The longevity of underwear depends upon the kind of material it is made up of. Underwear made of good material can last as long as 1 or 2 years whilst inferior quality material can wear out in just a few months. The material turns thin and stretches with lint appearing near the crotch. These are the signs that tell you that your underwear’s expiry date is over. It’s time to buy new.

Wear cotton underwear

Underwear made of synthetic material tends to slip down, giving you a day of discomfort. Additionally, materials other than cotton are not a hygienic option for underwear. They do not soak moisture, which leads to the accumulation of sweat and that causes fungal infection. So, switch to cotton materials to stop underwear from rolling down

You can get the best bamboo cotton underwear from XYXX’s Apollo collection. Bamboo cotton underwear is naturally antifungal and antibacterial. They do not roll up or down because of their firm and soft features.

Know your correct size 

Are you getting wedgies too frequently despite wearing the right men’s boxer or micro briefs? Then the problem must be in the size. One can take years to understand their correct size. Till then, you can face many issues. Ill-fitting underwear can cause you discomfort, fungal infections, chafing and wedgies. If you lead an active lifestyle, you may have noticed your underwear rolling up while jogging or running. Even while exercising or gyming, you might not be able to pay your full attention because of your underwear causing you to wedgie. 

If you are thinking about how to prevent wedgies while running, then get yourself the right-sized underwear. Measure your waist and look up the size chart. If you face size issues with different brands, you should consider sticking to just one brand. It will solve your problem to an extent.

Get yourself no wedgies underwear 

The inner garments industry has acknowledged the problem of its customers and introduced no-wedgies men’s underwear. These underwear come designed to be wedgie-proof. The underwear fits your lower body part well. The elastic is tight enough to wrap around your waist and it does not make it roll up or down when you sit or bend. You can purchase such underwear from any online store. But if you are looking for the best quality bamboo cotton or micro modal innerwear for men online, then XYXX has it all. The Apollo and Uno collections are here to provide you with ultra-soft and super-lightweight underwears that guarantee you a wedgie-free experience. So stop the hunt and buy men’s trunks online and men’s boxers online from XYXX.

Experiencing an uncomfortable fit with new undergarments can be quite embarrassing. It would be wrong to say that only women face these issues because men can also say ‘me too’. Wedgies are a common problem for men, which makes simple tasks like sitting or bending difficult. Every time you bend or sit, the underwear slips down, and after a point of time, it reaches so low that you might have to run to the washroom. But now XYXX has introduced a solution through their unique underwear collection. You can also buy t-shirts, pyjamas, boxers, men’s micro briefs, and men’s inner vests with us. So forget running to the stores now and then. Just get onto and order your favourite garments. You can pay online, and we will deliver your undergarments to your doorstep within a few days.

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