5 Advantages of Wearing Trunks

Trunks are the most versatile innerwear for men. From swimsuits to regular everyday men’s underwear, trunks combine well with formals, casual, and sportswear. The snug fit allows no-show with a firm fit and no bounces. A low-rise elastic waistband offers comfort with no-marks extendibility. Briefs are short and can ride up the butt line or show embarrassingly through tight-fitted pants. Boxers are easy but could roll up under formals and disfigure that sleek look.  Trunks are best suited for slimmer men with lean bodies.  Trunks for men fit from the middle to upper-thigh and give structure to the legs. The shape and contours of your private parts are enhanced just the right amount to give you a casually sensual look. Premium trunks from XYXX apparel have some fantastic styles of men’s modal trunks, including a new flat-fronted design with a pouch in the front for extra support and amplification.


Trunks offer a snug fit and keep the private parts secure. The design from the waist to the upper-to-mid thigh length strikes the perfect balance between briefs and boxers. Not as short and constricted as briefs and not as loose and casual as boxers, trunks offer the right amount of security. XYXX uses superior quality Tencel modal fabric, which is soft against the skin. These trunks become softer with every wash.


Trunks offer the necessary support to your private parts for an active lifestyle. They give you a snug hold during strenuous activities and are ideal for exercising. Trunks do not ride up the butt cleavage or along the end of the thighs. They provide the right amount of bracing around the hips and butt and leave some space around the organ for free movement. The waistband of these trunks is usually made of spandex and synthetic blends that provide exceptional compression and reinforcement to the glute muscles and thighs.


The fitting of trunks gives the butt a perfect shape. This premium innerwear can be worn with loose or fitting pants without unnecessary bulges and underwear folds. The flattering options in the fit range from various thigh lengths to various widths in the waistband. The shorter cuts make the legs look slimmer and longer. They blend in with the thighs and give a clean look from the back of the outer pants. These underpants don’t crumple up under tights either, giving them a neat appearance. The form-fitting design rocks the tight-fit look.  They also fit perfectly under high-cut sports shorts, giving your sportswear a swanky look.


Trunks also keep the private parts safe from zipper-related accidents, which can be very painful. These trunks are crafted with moisture-wicking technology that absorbs sweat, saving you from heat rashes and chafing due to hot and humid weather. The material is breathable and keeps the area ventilated and hygienic. There are fewer chances of bacterial infections. The soft fabric and tight fit minimize rubbing and discomfort.


Trunks keep the groin area warm. These are especially good for colder weather. The snug fit keeps the testicles close to the skin and the core. Unless worn regularly in very hot climates, trunks do not affect the sperm count inadvertently, as may be believed. The sweat-proof material keeps the area odor-free and feeling fresh. The warmth also curbs embarrassing bulges.

To conclude

Wearing trunks means no more itchy waistbands, butt-tucks, and underwear lines. For some of the best trunks for men, visit the XYXX online store. The range swings from swanky and trendy digital prints and stripes to quirky or orthodox block colors. Fluorescent bright waistbands, 3x softer material, bold or classic designs make some of the most premium innerwear for men. The Tencel Modal fabric is 100% naturally sourced and keeps the skin healthy and hygienic. The low-rise trunks define the thighs with optimal comfort. Now walk in style with increased confidence.

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