Find The Perfect Size: Men’s Underwear Size-Chart

Are you searching for the perfect fitting underwear for men? Then you're at the right place. Our comprehensive guide for men’s underwear coupled with a size chart will help you make the correct choice. 

When it comes to underwear, the right fit makes all the difference, it even helps boost your comfort and confidence levels. So, say goodbye to ill-fitting underwear woes, because this guide will help you find the perfect size to give you a seamless and supportive underwear experience. 

Whether you fancy the relaxed fit of boxers or the snug fit of briefs and trunks, our size chart will be your ultimate guide to infuse comfort in every move. 

Importance Of Wearing The Right Underwear Size:

  • Comfort : Experience uninterrupted comfort throughout the day, simply by choosing the correct underwear size. If your underwear is too tight, it will cause chafing, whereas loose underwear will have you re-adjusting your underwear over and over again. 
  • Support : The right underwear size helps provide the necessary support to your private area. It offers proper alignment and mitigates the risk of injury during sports activities. 
  • Hygiene : A pair of well-fitted underwear can also help you maintain better hygiene. Opt for underwear with moisture-absorbent properties which will help prevent sweat, and bacterial growth to keep infections at bay. 
  • Circulation : Tight underwear can constrict blood flow in your groin area. On the other hand, loose underwear can cause chafing, irritation, and extreme discomfort. 
  • Better Posture : When you wear the correct size of underwear, your crotch area and lower back will have the proper support it needs to improve your posture. This works well in boosting your confidence levels.

Things To Consider While Buying A Man’s Underwear

Wearing man’s underwear that fits nicely boosts your self-esteem and improves your overall health. Finding the ideal fit for your particular body type and personal style will be made easier with the help of our thorough analysis. To select the ideal fit, let's explore the principles of underwear sizing for men, taking into account important factors including material preferences, waist measurements, and design preferences. 


You must choose the style before you go out to find the precise inner wear size chart. To achieve a more daring and elegant appearance, opt for deep-coloured undergarments in a specific design. For instance, a trunk looks great with jeans, while a solid-coloured brief goes best with formal pants. The men's light-coloured underwear complements and looks great with practically every casual outfit.


Men's underwear normally comes in three major fly designs namely the open fly, button fly and pouch fly. 

  • Open Fly: This timeless style has a straightforward opening that provides effortless access without the need for further closures.
  • Button Fly: The button fly lowers the possibility of unintentional exposure and provides an additional layer of closure for security.
  • Pouch Fly: To avoid chafing and ensure a snug fit, the pouch fly provides extra support.


The pouch's design is quite important for both comfort and support. The pouch is frequently designed to support and cradle the masculine anatomy.

Steps To Measure Your Underwear Size:

Tips To Consider While Measuring Underwear

To obtain precise measures when measuring your waist circumference, just inhale normally.

Measuring Waist Size

If you want to wear your underwear around your waist then your waist measurement should correspond to your size.

  • Measuring should begin at the spot, which is located directly above the belly button.
  • Using one hand, grasp the tape's beginning point and wrap it horizontally through the middle of your abdomen. Make sure the tape is not excessively tight or loose.

Measuring Hip Size

To find the ideal fit for your body size, if you have a few love handles, you can utilise your hip measurements as your size.

  • Simply keep the tape's beginning point at your hip's widest place. You can hold the tape and wrap it around your body, being careful not to wrap it too tightly or loosely.
  • When your measurements are in between two sizes, pick an upper size. It will be more comfortable to wear larger-sized knickers than tight ones.

How Your Size May Differ For Different Types Of Underwear (Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Trunks)

Boxers Briefs: Designed to provide maximum comfort our boxer briefs help you move effortlessly. So when you take your measurements for boxer briefs, measure your waist and mid-thigh length before picking your favourite boxer briefs.

Briefs: Briefs offer a snug and supportive fit. So you need to measure your waist and hips to figure out your brief size.

Trunks:  Trunks provide maximum coverage and support. To pick the perfect trunk size, you need to measure your waist, hips, and mid-thigh length.

Size Guide For Different Types Of Underwear

XYXX Crew offers different types of men's underwear as per different lifestyles and preferences. They are available here in a variety of designs with classic stripes and vibrant colours. At XYXX Crew, you can find boxers, briefs, and trunks for men. We also provide mens underwear size chart as well as styling advice for comfortable wear every day. 

Size Chart Of Briefs

You can wear briefs with a variety of pants and they will not bunch, so your outfit will suit you well. The briefs have a seamless waistband and light-coverage fabric. In case your thighs are thicker, go for briefs for optimal fit and effortless mobility. 

Fit For: The greatest undergarments for regular use are briefs, which fit both lean and muscular bodies. 

Size Chart Of Boxer Briefs

Men choose boxer briefs over other undergarments because they fit all body types. The hipsters will fit the mid-upper thighs perfectly and offer full covering and a firm grip.

Fit For: Boxer briefs fit those with wider hips well and are great for both sleeping and working out. 

Size Chart Of Trunk

Trunks cover less of the thighs than boxer briefs, but they are nearly identical. Despite having a small waistline, it offers excellent elasticity and stretchability. 

Fit For: Those who wish to have a snug fit that can be paired with casual outfits and jeans.


By referring to our men’s underwear size chart and picking the correct underwear size you can experience limited comfort, maintain good health and hygiene. Well-fitted underwear is nothing short of a good investment, and it can boost your confidence levels and prevent skin irritation and constant adjustments. 

At this juncture, it is important to know that you need to check your measurements regularly and update your underwear collection with good fitting underwear.


  • How do you measure men's underwear size? - To get the best fit, measure your waist and hips and compare them to the measurements listed in the "Best fit" column on the right side of the website page.
  • What size is 40 in men's underwear? - In terms of the men’s underwear size chart size 40 refers to size XL. 
  • What size is 34 in men's underwear? - According to the size chart, size 34 is considered to be a medium size for underwear.
  • What size is 42 in men's underwear? - If you look at the underwear size chart, size 42 refers to size XL. 
  • Does underwear size affect fertility? - Although there is no conclusive proof about the effect of underwear size on fertility, it might have an impact on the overall health of your private area by causing chafing and skin irritation.
  • Is underwear fabric also a crucial factor when picking the correct underwear size? - Yes. Depending upon the kind of stretch that the fabric has, it will play a crucial role in deciding the fit of the underwear.
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