Evolution of pyjamas/Why you should ditch those old pyjamas in your wardrobe

Checkmate Combed Cotton Pyjamas Steel GreyCheckmate Combed Cotton Pyjamas Steel Grey

Even a highly formal video call or conference sees men in office shirts, ties paired with shorts or pyjamas for bottoms. If we dig a little deeper into the humble beginnings of this attire, we can find that the pyjamas have ridden the tides of times with many empires and noblemen. XYXX Aparrels chose to give this unassuming little piece of clothing its due diligence.

The word pyjama or pajama finds its roots in Persia, derived from the Persian word “paejama,” meaning a leg attire held up with a drawstring. It was during the times of the Ottoman Empire that men were known to wear pyjamas made of Egyptian linen. As a standard outfit, the pyjamas were worn with a belted tunic.

The British colonists fell in love with these stylish casuals, and by 1870, the pyjamas were adopted as comfortable loungewear and also men’s nightwear. Through the decades, these leg garments were worn by men and women in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India and Iran. By the 20th century, the pyjamas were mostly styled as ensembles of loose-fitting cotton trousers or drawers with a drawstring at the waist and accompanied with a belted jacket or a loose-fitting shirt. 

Today, men wear pyjamas as sleepwear and loungewear to keep them comfortable, especially in tropical climates. Silk pyjamas became a status symbol and also a prelude for sexual connotations. While women adorned enticing lingerie, men indulged in silk or satin pyjamas. But on a more casual note, the fashion industry’s ever-changing trends are often influenced by celebrities, Instagrammers or fashion influencers.

A celebrity can carry off a checkered pyjama with a shirt or casual jumper and pass it off as an airport look. Pyjamas have changed shapes and designs and have boldly moved from the bedroom to influential social gatherings, ensembled with quirky, experimental tops. 

XYXX Apparels brings for you a plethora of men’s cotton pyjamas at affordable rates. The exclusive range is made of 100% combed cotton, designed with attractive styles, colours and prints. Men’s combed cotton pyjamas from XYXX are soft and comfortable, with breathable, easy-to-wash fabric. The antimicrobial garment does not collect bad odour or bleed colour. The waistband is made with microfibre, which offers support and comfort. The pants are designed with a concealed button placket as well as a fly opening for convenience.

The smart designs and prints can be worn indoors or casually outdoors without looking awkward. The colours go beyond the usual blues, blacks and greys. Broad checks, small checks, pinstripes, broad stripes and single colours give an array of choices. The drawstrings at the waist are easy and double protected with the elastic band. The skin-friendly, ventilated leg garments can be paired with any t-shirts for casual daily wear.

Keep yourself up-to-date with these online pyjamas from XYXX Apparels and get a good night’s sleep or live in them all day. These pyjamas are available online at xyxxcrew.com and will be delivered to your doorstep

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