Choosing the Right Workout Clothes for Men: Complete Guide

Firstly, proper gym wear crafted from moisture-wicking fabrics helps regulate body temperature by efficiently wicking away sweat, preventing discomfort and chafing. Well-fitting clothing provides unrestricted movement, supporting a wide range of exercises without hindrance. Appropriate footwear with proper cushioning and support minimises impact and reduces the risk of injury. Compression garments aid in muscle recovery by improving blood circulation and reducing muscle fatigue. Functional pockets provide convenience for carrying essentials like keys or phones. Additionally, wearing suitable gym wear boosts confidence levels, motivating individuals to engage more actively in their workouts.

The right attire also helps maintain hygiene by absorbing sweat. You may show off your sense of style at the gym with our ultra-comfortable range of men's gym clothes. Our incredibly functional men's gym wear offers exceptional comfort, flexibility, unrestricted movement and odour-free comfort. Read on to find the perfect gym wear for you:

Some Must-Have Gym Wear:

  • Activo Cotton Gym Vest

Our Activo cotton gym vests for men are enhanced with a FRESHON™ Silver, Anti-Bacterial finish for long-lasting freshness and odour-free comfort. Ultra-soft, breathable and moisture absorbent, these vests are crafted from super-combed cotton fabric. To add to the comfort factor, our vests are further enhanced with a body-responsive stretch to offer unrestricted movement during rigorous exercises.

  • Joggers For Men

For all-day comfort, you must try our joggers for men. Not only are they ultra-soft, lightweight and breathable, but they're also designed with a drawstring detail at the waist to give you the best fit. Our men's joggers come finished with multiple pockets to keep all your essentials secure. Ideal for mild winters, these tag-free joggers prevent itching, rubbing and any skin irritation.

  • Combed Cotton T-shirts For Men

Crafted from super combed cotton fabric, our Pace t-shirts are designed to keep you comfy throughout the day. Super-soft, lightweight and breathable, our tees are designed with a ribbed neckline and they're perfect for errand runs, weekend meet-ups and Sunday brunches. Introduce yourselves to the brand-new cozy basic, our Pace cotton t shirts for men come without tags to prevent any skin irritations, itching or rashes.

  • Cotton Rich Track Pants For Men

Ultra-soft and smooth, our lightweight Code track pants will make the perfect addition to your exercise apparel. Crafted from a cotton blend fabric, our track pants come designed with a body-responsive superior stretch to keep you comfortable while exercising. Carved in a relaxed profile, our track pants are equipped with drawcord detailing for an adjustable fit while the pockets will keep all your essentials safe.

  • Shorts For Men:

You can never go wrong with a pair of shorts and our collection of Hype range of shorts will keep you comfortable through every exercise. Ultra-smooth, lightweight, and moisture-absorbent, these shorts will keep you at ease through every activity. Carved in a relaxed fit, they are enhanced with FRESHON™ Silver, an anti-bacterial finish for long-lasting freshness and odour-free comfort. They even come designed with drawcord detailing at the waist as well as pockets for practical use.

The ergonomic fit is very important for men's gym wear. Well-fitting clothing allows for a full range of motion without restriction, enabling proper form and preventing injuries. Loose clothing can get caught in equipment or hinder movement, while overly tight apparel can impede blood circulation and hinder performance. The correct gym wear empowers men to fully engage in their workouts, achieve fitness goals, and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Tips To Buy Best Clothes For Exercise

When you are buying clothes for exercise, it is very important to prioritise a few things, majorly durability, performance and comfort. Some tips to help you choose the best clothes for exercise are:


Clothes that offer great breathability and prevent overheating are best to wear during exercise. To enhance the airflow and keep you cool during intense sessions, always opt for clothes with mesh panels or strategic ventilation.

Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Look out for gym attire men that are made with moisture-wicking fabrics including nylon, spandex and polyester. All these materials help to draw sweat away from your body which keeps you dry when you are working out. To make searching easier, you can check out XYXX Crew gym wear collections that are made with the best fabric. 

Flat Seams

To minimise irritation and chafing during intensive long runs or workouts, flat seams are best to choose for fitness outfit men. Look out for clothes that have seamless construction and flat-lock stitching to get extra comfort.

Flexibility and Stretch

Always choose clothes that are flexible and stretchable enough to allow you freedom of motion. Fabrics like elastane and spandex are best known to provide stretchiness which makes sure that your clothes move with you when you are working out, doing yoga or weightlifting.

Quality And Durability

To buy the best clothes for exercise, choose the ones that are made with high-quality fabrics and construction which are capable of withstand intense workouts and frequent washes. Such clothes might cost you a little more, but they are worth investing in the long run.


1. How should you choose the clothes you exercise in?

Always select clothes that are comfortable, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Choose the right fit for unrestricted movement and opt for appropriate footwear for support and safety. This is how you should choose the clothes that you exercise in.

2. What should men wear during a workout?

During workouts, men should choose moisture-absorbing, breezy attire such as shorts or sweat-wicking pants paired with a comfortable, well-fitting shirt. Proper athletic shoes with good support are essential. Accessories like sweatbands and a water bottle can enhance the workout session's effectiveness and comfort.

3. What should I not wear to the gym?

Avoid wearing restrictive clothing, jeans, or non-breathable materials that can impede movement and cause discomfort. Steer clear of open-toed shoes and flip-flops for safety. Jewellery that could get caught in equipment should also be left behind.

4. Is working out in a hoodie better for you?

Working out while wearing a hoodie increases the risk of overheating and excessive sweating, which could result in discomfort and dehydration. To control body temperature and improve overall comfort when exercising, choose ventilated clothes that wick away moisture.

5. Does a sweat suit help burn fat?

Wearing a sweat suit can lead to temporary weight loss due to water loss through sweating. However, this weight loss is not the same as burning fat. Fat loss is achieved through a combination of a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sustainable lifestyle changes, rather than solely through wearing a sweat suit.

6. Does sweating burn more fat?

Sweating is the body's natural cooling process; it doesn't burn fat on its own. Due to fluid loss, sweating can cause temporary weight loss but not fat loss. Not just by sweating, but also with a healthy diet and exercise program, fat loss demands a persistent calorie deficit.

7. What are the gym essentials for beginners?

For beginners, essential gym items include comfortable workout attire, well-fitting sneakers, a water bottle for hydration, a gym towel, and a gym bag to carry these items. Depending on preferences, headphones, a fitness tracker, and a small notebook for tracking progress can also be beneficial.

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