Celebrities Who Look Great In Underwear

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You may have seen many actors advertising underwear. You will also see Bollywood actors in underwear on magazine covers flaunting the gym-fit bodies. We will discuss what some iconic underwear scenes from Bollywood are as well. If you too get your Bollywood underwear inspiration after reading this article, don't forget to check out XYXX's recently launched Apollo and Uno underwear collections. At their website, you will find the best bamboo fabric trunks online.

John Abraham

John Abraham is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. While shooting for his film Dostana, he was spotted in a scene in underwear. He looked so great that he became a celebrity underwear inspiration for many. In yellow lingerie on the beach, he looked hot and shined as bright as the sun. Though John Abraham has always been an inspiration for physical fitness for men, this scene from Dostana is undoubtedly a trendsetter for the underwear swag. 

Saif Ali Khan

There is hardly any person who doesn't know Saif Ali Khan. A scene from the movie Salam Namaste became iconic where he showed just a little bit of his underwear from the waist. It became so popular that it's still a trend in our country. Boys always imitate him to show a part of their underwear to the inattentive public. For this reason, the label on the elastic band has become so popular. Keeping the trend in mind, XYXX manufactures innerwear for men that have an attractive brand band.

Jackie Shroff

Black underwear has been loved by men and women for decades. This colour doesn't go out of fashion for any reason. Back in the 90s, Jackie Shroff was one of the most famous actors in Bollywood. We have a scene from the film Rangeela where Jackie Shroff was caught in black underwear. He was prancing around with Urmila Matondkar on a beach. Back in those times, the scene became a hit for all the controversial reasons. This scene was probably the most popular one because, at that time, people were not familiar with this type of setting. Maybe this is the stuff for which the legends are made for. 

Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi is also another actor who played many vital roles and characters in Bollywood movies. Khoon Bhari Mang is one of those films which made him so famous. In this film, there is a scene where he was spotted wearing red and black underwear. Probably he is the only actor in Bollywood who could make Sonu Walia and Rekha fall for him at once. However, that was long ago when people didn't know about the power of underwear. Nowadays, men have become more fashionable with their underwear. You will find a wide variety of underwear options such as briefs, thongs, boxers, shorts, trunks and more. Check out the collections of XYXX underwear where you can buy men's trunks onlinebriefs for men online and men's boxers online. 

Akshay Kumar

If you don't know Akshay Kumar, you don't know Bollywood. Akshay Kumar has been one of the most popular actors since the 90s. There is a scene from his movie Keemat, where he was caught coming out of the pool wearing black underwear. If you haven't watched the scene yet, then go and watch it today. If you don't think that this scene is iconic, then what is iconic? This was the scene for which many girls used to fall for him. 

Varun Dhawan & Siddharth Malhotra

In the twenty-first century, Bollywood heroes have changed from every aspect. Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra are the two most popular actors in Bollywood nowadays. There is a scene in the movie Student Of The Year, where these two young boys come out of the water wearing underwear. They looked too hot to handle, and that’s where their female fan following might have shot up. If this look inspires you, you can buy men's briefs online from XYXX store.

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