Celebrating Every Kind Of Man

Men are simple, all they need is good food, fun friends, a supportive partner and 2 vacations lasting 6 months, twice a year. Thank You very much. It’s all about the bare necessities of life.

Men play a pivotal role in our lives. From grandads to dads to fun uncles, to cousins, to brothers and our chosen family of chuddy buddies - life just wouldn’t be the same without men. And that's why our men need to be celebrated, appreciated and respected for the role they play in our lives. But how do you celebrate a man? Is there a day to celebrate them? Yes, 19th November. But is it enough? The answer is no, absolutely not. Every man should be celebrated for every little and big thing they do, especially for their style preferences and fashion sensibilities and this piece aims to do just that. Read on to discover about different style personalities and celebrate your individuality and style diversity:

The Minimalist Man:

Does your style appetite incline towards clean lines, simple elegance and timeless classics? Then we have some good news for you, you’re entering your minimalistic style era. From mens crew neck t shirt to joggers, track pants and cargo joggers, minimalistic menswear has a plethora of styling potential waiting for you to try out. So if you’re looking for a premium and minimalistic clothing brand for men, check out XYXX clothes for men online.

The Stunning Maximalist:

Are you in love with vibrant colours, vivid designs and bold patterns? Then your maximalist style personality is a breath of fresh colour that the world needs to bear witness to. From exaggerated silhouettes to dramatic ensembles and even eclectic flair, maximalism is an expression of personality and artistic fashion creativity. Show off your favourite colours and venture out in your best prints for men.

The Bread-Winner:

In whispers* So you’re working hard and juggling 2-3 jobs to make ends meet?* No worries. We won’t tell the present company. (Or should we say companies?) And that's probably why your style preferences lean towards clean-lined, functional clothing that will keep you comfortable and stylish all through work each day. From semi-casual office wear to casual workwear, your wardrobe is purely functional. So, if you’re looking for the best menswear brands, your search ends with XYXX. Our collection of polo tees, crewnecks, shorts and cargo joggers for men have you covered.

The Collegiate:

Your days must be filled to the brim with college lectures, catching up with homework, studying, hanging out with friends and maybe working an internship or two. While your life is happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way - your wardrobe need not be. Embrace fashion trends and experiment with your closet favourites. For starters, you need a mix of functional, trendy and modern separates for presentations, dates and chill-out sessions with friends. Enter XYXX, a stylish menswear brand featuring the coolest menswear online. Our range of zip-up jackets, half-zip sweatshirts, hoodie jackets, cargo joggers, track pants, crew neck tees and polo tees are yours for the taking.

The Entrepreneur:

Thinking of starting your start-up from the ground up? Then you will have so many things on your mind - from raising funds to hiring experts, perfecting your business model and even looking for a good office space… the list goes on and on. You need functional clothing that spells sublime comfort. Because your wardrobe should not occupy too much brain space. Think mens collar t shirt, crew neck tees, track pants and joggers. The best news? You can find all that and more on our website.

Celebrate Men, Come On:

Hey there, if you’re looking for a sign to STOP taking the men in your life for granted, this is it. From college-going lads to breadwinners and entrepreneurs in the making, and even the men who wear their style game on their sleeves - everyone deserves to be celebrated. What are you waiting for? Gift them or yourself a little something from XYXX and stiffen up your collar. Shop now.

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