Celebrate Valentine's Day The Instagram Way

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, is celebrated annually all around the world on 14 February, and although it might seem like a new-age concept,  this is one of the oldest known festivals. It was celebrated for the first time in Rome, in the year 496. Over the years, this festival has amassed a global fan base and it is one of the most anticipated weeks of the year for all the ones in love. It’s a day when you get that golden chance to express your love and affection to people who are close to you in your life and who mean a lot to you. 

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it is the perfect time for you to shower your loved ones with extra love and care. If you are looking for ways to go the extra mile, we suggest you start planning right away. In this new age where everything hits social media before anywhere else, we have a few ideas that are ‘gram-worthy’ and that will surely make your Valentine’s Day more special.

If a social media display of affection is something that will tug at the chords of their heart, keep reading because these captions will work wonders for you.

  • Valentine’s day isn’t about celebrating the woman you love, but about celebrating your luck for having her in your life.
  • Love wins! Everyday. Valentine’s Day is just for the victory dance. 
  • My heart is full of the treasures of your love. 
  • I am glad that I get to enjoy old school love in this new age world.
  • Your smile still makes my heart race. 
  • I am a ‘live in the moment’ kind of a guy but with you, I gladly dream about the future.
  • You are the wind beneath my wings.
  • Time stands still when I am with you. I guess that’s what meditation feels like. 
  • You are so amazing that I am still not done getting impressed by you. 
  • You are all that I will ever want. 
  • I can skip a day without talking but never without thinking about you. 
  • If my dreams were a person, they would fall in love with you too. 
  • I am so glad I chose to answer when Cupid came calling. 
  • Your gaze still strikes me like Cupid’s arrows. 
  • Our love is like a teenage dream; innocent and magical. 
  • Your love is an honour and I shall never take it for granted. 
  • When I count my blessings, I count you twice. 
  • You make me feel complete, you make me feel adequate and I have not known any joy greater than that. 
  • The only reason for me to love you is that I don’t need a reason at all. 
  • The joys of true love can never be put into words. 
  • When I am with you, Monday mornings feel like a dream. 
  • There is no greater joy than calling you ‘my girl’. 
  • Your laughter is infectious, your smile is divine, how lucky am I, to call you all mine. 
  • You have a heart of gold, 
    Your beauty is to behold, 
    I am lucky, I have been told, 
    With you, 
    I can’t wait to grow old. 
  • If loving you was a crime, I would be in jail serving time.
  • Your smile can light up any room, but not more than how it has lit my heart.
  • You are special my love, and my heart bears testimony to that. 
  • You have turned me into the best version of myself. 
  • Finally! My reality has become better than my dreams.
  • Every time you look at me, my heart skips a beat.
  • What cannot be won with love, is not worth fighting for. 
  • When I see your name on the ringer, I can’t hide the smile on my face.
  • Your voice is like a birdsong, I just cannot have enough of it. 
  • Your grit or your grace,
    Your smile or your face, 
    I don’t know what to love more.

We hope that these captions will encapsulate the sweetness of your emotions and convey the same to your Valentines. So, celebrate this day, click some cute pictures and then post them on your Instagram with the caption that you like the most. 

Happy Valentine's Day.

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