Can Boxers Be Worn As Underwear?

Having the wrong pair of underwear can ruin a man's day. A scratchy fabric, wrong size, lack of proper support and comfort, or a sweaty crotch is a significant distraction.

Men need and deserve underwear that fits perfectly and does not intervene in an individual's day-to-day activities. It is essential to keep everything down there healthy, clean, and comfortable.

With all the varieties of styles and fabrics available today, choosing the right pair has become challenging. While many consider boxers to be a type of innerwear, others don't agree with this point of view. Let's have a quick look at the most common types of underwear for men: briefs, trunks and boxers.


These are comfortable and can be worn with any type of clothing. Briefs are available in various styles, designs, and colours; they are available in different sizes like low, medium, and high rises. They do not provide full coverage but are a comfortable option providing the best fit and comfort. The best men's briefs collectionis available on the XYXX.


They offer a mix of coverage and support. They are tighter and similar to briefs. It looks better when worn under casual clothing or sportswear as it gives a square appearance.


Men's boxers provide less support and more loose-fitting. They are more breathable than any other undergarment and offer more coverage. It provides free movement and avoids excess sweating.

Now, to answer the foremost question: Can boxers be worn as underwear? The answer is a resounding YES!

Here are a few reasons why you should wear boxers as underwear:

Airy and breathable

Unlike other underwear, men's boxers allow you (and your man parts) complete freedom of movement. Allowing for total ventilation, boxers let your crotch breathe ideally.

Increase fertility

Various researches have proven that tight underwear has an adverse effect on sperm count and fertility. Boxer shorts can boost sperm count and therefore are an important part of your innerwear drawer.

Wear all day and night

The best part about boxers? They can also be used as pyjamas at bedtime. They are loose-fitting and comfortable to sleep in.

Boxers for men online are available in different styles and designs as per every individual's preference. Here are a few factors you should consider while shopping for men's boxers online:


Fabric is an essential part when picking underwear for daily purposes. We recommend wearing Super Combed Cotton boxers to experience unmatched comfort.

Right fit

An undergarment needs to fit you ideally and offer exceptional support. A tight fit will make your private parts irritable while a loose fit will make you look unflattering. Thus, a great fit is every man's priority when shopping for undergarments.


Tight-fitting undergarments are a significant discomfort as it causes increased sweating and scratchy feeling. It makes things humid down there, which is not a very pleasant state. The moisture produced and trapped in the undergarment can cause skin irritations like Tinea cruris, also known as Jock itch. Thus, it is imperative to maintain good hygiene and buy innerwear that keeps you clean and fresh.

Whether you choose to wear boxers or briefs, making the right choice depends on your preferences and requirements. There's a whole range of different fabrics, styles, and sizes that fit your needs. As long as you keep in mind the factors mentioned above, your underwear experience will be perfect.

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