Boxer Shorts Types & Size Chart

"I started wearing the right type of boxer shorts and realized what comfort feels like." We hear these types of statements from people who were once stuck in the web of putting up with uncomfortable underwear

It's important to own the right pair of boxer shorts. If you're searching for the perfect pair of boxers, our men's boxer size chart will help you pick the right underwear size for you.

Boxer shorts are undergarments worn by men, they ensure maximum breathability and offer plenty of breathing room. This blog covers all the information you need to help you select the perfect boxer shorts, with the help of a men's boxer size chart. So sit back and collect every piece of information you can get to get your boxer shorts for men.

Tips To Choose the Right Type of Boxer Short For Everyday Wear

Here are some tips to help you choose the right type of boxer shorts for men:

Cotton Inner Boxers

The first tip is to prioritise the fabric, always pick boxers made of lightweight, comfortable and breathable fabrics. The sole purpose of inner boxer shorts for men is to keep you comfortable by letting your body move around effortlessly. Cotton is undoubtedly the perfect material for any undergarment.

Vibrant Inner Boxers

Add some fun elements to your boxer collection by opting for printed styles. Opt for men's boxer shorts showcasing vibrant features which look quirky or cute. Streamlined boxer shorts not only give you a modern fit, but they guarantee unrivaled style.

Good Quality

Imagine buying a pair of boxer shorts and finding them torn after a week due to poor durability. The fabric's durability determines the life of the cloth. An ideal material can prevent boxer shorts from deteriorating, thus ensuring you can wear them for a long time. 

Determining Correct Size And Shape

This is a crucial component in deciding the perfect boxer shorts for everyday wear. Ensure you wear the correct size and the shape helps prevent uneasiness. When buying boxer shorts online, you can browse through our collection to select your ideal size and look at our size chart to figure out which size will fit you best. For shape, a loose fit will work well as it allows flexibility and does not hinder leg movements.

How To Choose the Right Size Of Boxer Shorts For Every Body Type

When buying boxer shorts, it's imperative to pick the correct size. You can do this by looking at the boxer shorts size chart to decide which size will fit you best.

The different sizes in the size chart are given below:

  1. Small: Small-size boxer shorts fit a waist size of 28-30 inches or 70-75 cm. This size is the smallest among all the available sizes on a boxer size chart.
  2. Medium: Medium-size boxer shorts are approximately 32-34 inches or 80-85 cm. This size comes next to the small size in a boxer size chart.
  3. Large: Large boxer shorts are approximately 36-38 inches or 90 cm. This size is larger than the small and medium ones in the boxer size chart.
  4. Extra Large: XL in a size chart stands for extra large size. The length is 40-42 inches or 100-105 cm. 
  5. Double Extra Large: This size is labelled as XXL on the size chart. It has a length of 44-46 inches or 110-115 cm.

If you consult our boxer shorts size chart, it can help you determine your ideal size perfectly.

How To Measure Boxer Short Size?

Listed below are step-by-step tips you can follow to find your size from the men's boxer size chart:

  • Step 1: Take a measurement tape with proper visible numbers on it, either in inches or in cm.
  • Step 2: Wrap the measurement tape around your waist at the level where you regularly wear your pants or shorts.
  • Step 3: When measuring the size, ensure that the tape is neither too loose nor too tight.
  • Step 4: The point where the measurement of your tape meets the beginning point will give you the exact size of your waist and, subsequently, the size of your boxer shorts.
  • Step 5: Now record the size, either in inches or cm.

Benefits of Wearing Perfect-Size Boxer Shorts

Here are some exceptional features of boxer shorts: 

Airy Comfort

An ideal pair of boxer shorts ensures unrestricted movements and doesn't let your body feel suffocated. These boxer shorts aren't even a 'want', they have become a 'need' now for the men of today. The breezy and airy feel of boxers helps facilitate leg movements.

Ventilated And Hygienic

Boxer shorts are known for their ventilation and hygienic features. These airy boxer shorts are extremely comfortable for lounging and sleeping in. The loose fit ensures freedom of movement and prevents stiffness.

Everyday Casual Wear

Boxer shorts are stylish and can be worn in public places too. Apart from leisure wear, boxer shorts are a perfect choice, especially if you want to wear something casual in public places. This is how boxer shorts serve a dual purpose.


Another reason to get your hands on boxer shorts is their elastic waistband. The attached elastic waistband of boxer shorts invites the necessary convenience and flexibility to the waist. The adjustable elastic band has the potential to give you the perfect fit and shape.

The Bottom Line!

To find the perfect boxer shorts, consult the boxer shorts size chart to know your size and pick your favourite boxers. Shop for your favourite boxers featuring the latest designs, patterns, shapes, and sizes from XYXX Crew. Our men's boxers are reasonably priced and the premium fabric quality like no other.

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