Best Fabrics to Wear in Rainy Season in India 2024


Now that the monsoon has returned, enjoy cool afternoons, nice novels, steaming chai paired with spicy pakoras, calming music, and long drives with your significant other. Oh! The season's exquisite delights. To fully appreciate this season, though, remember to wear comfortably, dryly, and effortlessly stylishly at the same time. Ultimately, you can't wear tight jeans or jeans since the Indian monsoon brings intense rain and humidity, and the incorrect clothes might ruin your rainy day excursion.

Don't worry, though, my friend! To ensure that your skin doesn't feel sticky or uncomfortable during the monsoon season, regardless of where in India you are staying, we have carefully selected the best fabrics to wear in the rainy season. What on earth are you waiting for then? Go ahead and enjoy your favorite season or dance in the rain. Take part in thrilling mountain rides and have a favorite evening with hot munchies and garam chai.

8 Best Fabrics for the Rainy Season to Include in Your Wardrobe

Before jumping to the main content, here are a few characteristics your fabric suitable for monsoon must contain.

1. Breathable: There must be proper air circulation through the fabric.

2. Lightweight: It must not create any kind of heaviness on the body especially when wet.

3. Resistance to Wrinkling: On getting wet, it must not get wrinkled, keeping its neat appearance intact.

4. Quick dry: It must dry quickly without creating any infections or rashness on the skin. 

1. Cotton: The Standard Choice

One of the most popular materials during the monsoon season is cotton. In the sweltering heat, they keep you cool because they are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal fabric to wear in summer. You may wear it when going outside in the rain because of its ability to absorb water.
So, for this monsoon, pick your best dress, pair of trousers, or top in bright cotton colors, and add a dash of freshness to your new style.

2. Micro Modal: The Game Changer

Micro Modal, with its silky feel and resistance to shrinking, is a game changer in the fabric industry. It is an excellent fabric to wear in the monsoon season when it comes to dresses, and innerwear, and is frequently used for sportswear since it absorbs sweat so quickly and returns to its softness.

3. Supima Cotton

The world's best cotton, Supima cotton, is what we have here—something really beautiful and luxurious. Long staple fibers in this kind of cotton increase its strength, making it softer, more resilient, and longer-lasting to wear. Supima-made clothing is incredibly durable, maintaining its comfort, softness, and smoothness for years to come.

4. Super Combed Cotton

Super Combed Cotton is a superior kind of cotton that is softer and less prone to deterioration than ordinary cotton. It has all the benefits of cotton without any contaminants and works effectively as a moisture absorbent.

5. Bamboo Cotton

The smooth cotton that's ideal for men's pants and innerwear is now here! Bamboo cotton is becoming a popular fabric among designers due to its soft and fluffy texture, great breathability, eco-friendliness, and comfort. It has several features, including moisture absorption, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, UV protection, and extreme durability.

7. Rayon Cotton

Rayon cotton is a great option for summer since it has many of the same qualities as cotton and other natural fibers. Because it is soft and resistant to abrasion, it doesn't have a severe effect on the skin, and is the perfect fabric to wear in the rainy season.

8. Spandex

Because of its elasticity, spandex is more than simply a fabric; it also provides comfort to the body. To make a fabric seem especially opulent and provide a comfortable fit, micromodal and other luxury materials are frequently combined with spandex. This fabric is typically used to make swimwear, knickers, and gym clothing.

Benefits of Wearing the Right Fabrics in Rainy Season

The right fabric for the location and weather conditions should be taken into account while designing your ideal monsoon ensemble. If you choose not to, though, you risk ruining the entire elegant vibe after the rain.
The monsoon winds are full of chaos and problems, including humidity, rain, thunder, and other things. Additionally, choosing the wrong fabric might completely spoil your appearance because certain materials, like silk and chiffon, take a long time to dry, adhere to the skin when wet, or wrinkle immediately after coming into touch with water.

Here are a few benefits of the right fabric suitable for the monsoon season.

Protection: Fabrics such as rayon or cotton act as a barrier between the skin and rainwater, being water resistant and protecting the skin from getting wet.

Durable: Monsoon fabrics are durable, i.e., they do not get damaged too easily by water or mud like any other fabric.

Comfort: Monsoon demands comfort when it comes to fabric. The material should be water resistant with moisture being able to escape leaving the skin dry.

Style: Don’t forget to add style to your monsoon outfit to get that stylish look you desire while going out in the rain!


It's crucial to dress sensibly during the monsoon since you'll need to be dry, comfortable, and fashionable to avoid absorbing moisture from the same materials as your clothing.

Think about the advice we've provided and be ready to enjoy the rainy days as though they were meant just for you. Opt for breathable briefs, moisture-wicking trunks, quick-dry boxers, a comfortable vest, and versatile t-shirts to ensure maximum comfort. Embrace the season's delights without compromising on your style or comfort. Stay dry, stay fashionable, and make the most of the monsoon!

FAQs on Rainy Season Fabrics

What fabric is good for the rainy season?

During the rainy season, pick fabrics which are breathable, lightweight, quick to dry, and wrinkle resistant.

What material is best for rain?

Waterproof and breathable material is best for rain.

What fabric is rainproof?

Material such as polyester and nylon and natural fibers such as cotton and wool are rainproof.

Why are cotton and linen ideal for monsoon wear?

Cotton and linen are natural fibers with excellent features such as breathable, quick dry, and moisture absorbent.

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