Behind The Fabric: The Making & Benefits Of Supima Cotton

When shopping for menswear online, there are so many things to consider: fabric, fit, colour and branding, every little detail matters to the discerning man.

In this blog, we will touch on one such aspect of menswear - the fabric specifically Supima cotton fabric. You must have heard of cotton, so what is Supima cotton fabric? Known for its superior quality and softness, Supima cotton fabric creates good-quality clothes for men. 

World’s Rarest Cotton:

Famous for its rarity, only 1% of the Earth's cotton is Supima. The exclusivity of the fabric is matched by its quality as Supima cotton combines both incredible softness and lasting strength.

About Supima Cotton:

Derived from the Pima cotton plant, Supima cotton has extra-long staple fibres which make the fabric stronger, softer and more durable than regular cotton fabric. What makes Supima cotton different is that the fibre length averages 1.4 inches while most cotton is at 1 inch. Twice as strong and four times softer than regular cotton, it makes for extraordinarily resilient products. Sumptuously soft and smooth to the touch, this fabric offers unrestricted comfort all day long.


The luxuriously soft Supima cotton fabric has a range of benefits that make it the perfect fabric for menswear. The fabric has superior breathability and moisture-wicking properties that will keep you cool and comfortable all day long. Lightweight and super soft on the skin, Supima cotton fabric is perfect for wearing in every season.


In conclusion, Supima cotton fabric is a testament to the classic appeal that defines premium menswear. From its rarity and impeccable quality to its durability and long-lasting comfort, menswear crafted from Supima cotton fabric is a must-have. Our range of Iconique t-shirts is crafted from Supima cotton fabric. Cut in a relaxed So what are you waiting for? Shop for our collection of -shirts for men now.

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