Behind The Fabric: The Making & Benefits Of Bamboo Cotton

When we think of innerwear or loungewear, the first thing that comes to mind is soft and silky clothes that are breathable and comfortable to wear. So, it comes as no surprise that silky bamboo cotton is the up-and-coming star of the green fashion movement. While bamboo has been used for several purposes throughout the years, it’s gaining popularity in the fashion industry. Let’s learn a little more about bamboo cotton.

What is Bamboo Cotton, and How is it Made?

Bamboo cotton is a soft and plush fabric that’s made by processing bamboo pulp into a fine yarn. The bamboo plant’s fibres are naturally smoother and rounder than regular cotton fibres, making this material extra soft and comfy. These rounded fibres also ensure that the skin does not experience any irritation when in contact with the fabric. This is why it’s an excellent fabric for undergarments and innerwear, and XYXX utilizes this fabric in its undergarment collection for men. 

Bamboo cotton, known to be extremely breathable and comfy, is also one of the most eco-friendly fabrics out there that is why many fashion houses are adopting it. Bamboo cotton is made by first extracting cellulose from the plant. This is done by crushing the leaves and inner pith to form a pulp. Next, the bamboo fibres are soaked in an enzyme solution. The treated fibres are then spun into a fine yarn, which gets woven into bamboo cotton. As the bamboo plant regenerates naturally due to its vast rooting system, it’s a lot more sustainable to produce cotton from this plant.

Where is it From and Why Bamboo Cotton?

The major producer of bamboo cotton is China, followed by Indonesia, India, and Pakistan. Following are some of the benefits of bamboo cotton to understand the comparison between cotton and bamboo cotton.

Apart from the eco-friendly production and soft texture, there are many more advantages to bamboo cotton and wearing garments made from this fabric.

1. Antibacterial: The bamboo plant has a naturally occurring anti-bacterial agent – ‘Bamboo Kun’, which remains even in the textile form. This keeps the wearer feeling fresh, cool and also prevents body odour.

2. Moisture-wicking ability: Bamboo fibres have tiny cross-sections that leave gaps in the fabric that absorb heat. This is why garments made from fabric are very breathable and are able to absorb moisture and sweat as well. This also means it keeps the wearer feeling 2 degrees cooler throughout the summers and warmer in the winter!

3. Hypoallergenic: As mentioned above, bamboo fibres are much smoother and don’t irritate the skin. So, it’s a much better option for sensitive skin and prevents any allergic reactions.

4. UV protection: Since the fabric is anti-static, it prevents a majority of harmful UV rays and protects the skin in the process.

5. Soft and durable: The high elasticity, soft fibres, and resilient weave make bamboo cotton a winning fabric for any garment. It maintains its shape and resists abrasions from constant use.

This biodegradable, comfy, and silky cotton is ideal for innerwear and loungewear. XYXX uses a blend of bamboo cotton to produce the most breathable and soft undergarments for men. So, if you’re looking to add some innerwear to your wardrobe, opt for the superior cotton fabrics from XYXX apparel. 

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