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Behind the Fabric: The Making and Benefits of Micro Modal

When it comes to undergarments and innerwear, the quality of fabric and its breathability are of utmost importance. For many decades, cotton has been the people-favourite fabric for undergarments due to its softness and breathability. However, in the past few years, underwear made of Micro Modal is gaining popularity throughout the world. What is Micro Modal fabric? Why is Micro Modal better than regular cotton? Is Micro Modal sustainable? Read on to get answers to all your questions!

What Is Micro Modal?

Micro Modal is a plant-based fabric that is soft, stretchable and resistant to shrinkage. Compared to regular Modal fabric, Micro Modal has thinner fibres. So Micro Modal can be tightly woven to produce a soft silky fabric that is resistant to moisture and heat. Thus, many leading fashion companies integrate this fabric with products like innerwear, loungewear and activewear.

How Is Micro Modal Made?

The main component of this material is derived from sustainably grown beechwood trees. The beechwood trees are harvested and converted into wood chips approximately the size of postage stamps. Cellulose is then extracted from these chips. With the help of some patented technologies, this cellulose pulp is then converted into coveted Modal fibres.

How Is Micro Modal Made - XYXX Apparels

What Is Micro Modal Used For?

The main benefits of this fabric are its lightness and breathability. Unlike other semi-synthetic fabrics, Micro Modal rayon, due to its finer, yarn-woven material, also provides more elasticity. Thus, it is perfect for underwear and swimwear. This is the best material for athletes and gym buffs as its moisture-wicking abilities keep sweat at bay. In recent times, this material has expanded into other categories like lingerie, loungewear and even bedspreads.

Where Does XYXX Get Its Micro Modal?

XYXX's Micro Modal fabric is called TENCEL™ Modal and is sourced from Lenzing, the world's leading manufacturer of plant-based, sustainable fabrics. The TENCEL™ Modal fibres are extracted from naturally grown beechwood trees using environmentally responsible processes. As the fabric made of natural materials, these fibres are biodegradable.

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Micro Modal vs Cotton: Which Is Better?

Ever since Modal undergarments have become a mainstay in the innerwear section, many people have been wondering if Micro Modal is better than cotton. The answer is a resounding YES! Micro Modal softer than cotton and doesn't hold on to moisture. Cotton is almost as durable as Micro Modal, but it loses its soft feel and shape after prolonged use.

Features of Micro Modal

Still not sure why you should use clothes made with Micro Modal? Here are a few reasons why:

1) Softness

One of the major highlights of the Modal fabric is its softness. It has been proven via various tests and experiments that TENCEL™ Modal fibres are twice as soft as cotton. Additionally, as opposed to cotton, Modal's exquisite soft feel lasts even after multiple washes.

2) Lightweight

Apparels made from this fabric are so light and airy that you'll forget you are wearing anything. This is because the fibres are very thin and can be tightly woven together. This tight weave gives the Modal fabric a silky-smooth feel without making it heavy.

3) Durability

Despite being lightweight and soft, Micro Modal is very durable. Apparels made from this fabric stay as good as new despite repeated usage. It also resists pilling (formation of lint/fuzz on clothes after wear).

4) Colour Retention

Special colour pigments are added to the TENCEL™ Modal fibres using the spin-dying techniques. This increases the colour vibrancy and makes the fibres less prone to fading even after repeated washing.

5) Amazing stretch

The fabric is known for its unmatched flexibility, making it a favourite for athletic wear. The body responsive stretch fits your body like your second skin, without any discomfort.

Modal Innerwear For Men - XYXX

6) Breathable

Another amazing feature of TENCEL™ Modal is its temperature regulating property. The Modal fibres are designed to be naturally breathable and regulate the absorption and release of moisture. This moisture management helps prevent discomfort caused by sweat and also keeps you cool.

7) Shrink resistant

Unlike many other fabrics, Modal doesn't lose its shape or shrink after repeated usage. Thus, whether you are wearing something made with Modal fibres for the first time or hundredth, it will feel and fit just the same.

8) Does not crease

The fabric isn't prone to wrinkles and stays smooth with negligible to minimal ironing.

9) Biodegradable

Derived from the cellulose of beechwood trees and manufactured using sustainable processes, the TENCEL™ Modal fibres have been certified as biodegradable and compostable. Thus, these fibres revert to nature and don't fill up the landfill like various other synthetic fibres.

Does TENCEL™ Modal Impact The Environment?

As discussed above, TENCEL™ Modal fibres are certified as biodegradable and compostable. As these fibres have botanic origins, i.e., made using cellulose of beechwood trees, they fully revert to nature. As beechwood trees don't require as much water as cotton plants, producing Modal clothing requires up to 10 to 20 times less water than cotton. While unethical forestry might have adverse effects on the environment, the beechwood trees needed to make TENCEL™ Modal fibres are sustainably managed. Moreover, the fibre production processes are closed-looped, environmentally sound and use renewable energy. The side products discharged while making the fibres are used to make laundry detergents. Thus, one can safely say that the impact of Modal on the environment is nearly negligible.

How To Make Your Modal Garments Last Longer?

Taking proper care of your Modal garments will make them last even longer. Many people think that given the multiple features of the Modal fabric, caring for it is very time-consuming and cumbersome. However, it is false. Caring for your Modal garments is as easy as caring for your regular ones. It can be machine washed with mild detergents and dried in the air without direct exposure to sunlight. Although it can be washed at any water temperature, it is often advised to use cold water. Avoid using chlorine-based bleach or dry cleaning garments made from Modal. In case of wrinkles, you can use a steamer or iron on low heat to get rid of them.

micro modal wash care - XYXX

However, while these are general wash care guidelines, please check the wash care label of all your TENCEL™ Modal garments to check if any special wash care is required.

Why Modal Innerwear Is Best?

Not all innerwear is made equal. Considering the various features of Modal listed above, it is no surprise that innerwear made from TENCEL™ Modal is considered the best and should be your preference when you want to update your innerwear drawer.

Innerwear has evolved from being just a functional garment to a fashion statement. Thus, if you are going to invest money in buying yourself innerwear that lasts long, you should choose underwear made from Modal fabric. Your underwear will feel like new every time you wear it, will keep you cool and won't have any long-term impacts on the environment - it is a win-win situation throughout.

Buy TENCEL™ Modal Clothes Online At XYXX Apparels

In recent years, clothes made from TENCEL™ Modal have gained wide popularity and available at almost every big fashion house, including XYXX.

At XYXX, we have always believed in bringing innovation to technology. Thus, more than 50% of all our products are made with TENCEL™ Modal. Using our IntelliSoft fabric technology, we make the softest, smoothest and comfiest apparels ever using TENCEL™ Modal fabric.

1) TENCEL™ Modal Briefs

Micro Modal Briefs For Men - Modal Underwear At XYXX

Briefs are perhaps the most common innerwear for men. Briefs are short, form-fitting underwear that offer fantastic support to your private parts. They can be worn under any type of clothing and thus are a staple in every man's wardrobe.

XYXX offers men's briefs in various designs and colours. All the briefs are made from 92% TENCEL™ Modal and 8% Elastane. These briefs are 3X softer and 50% more moisture absorbent than regular cotton briefs. The flat-lock seams are smooth on your skin so there is no itching, chafing or irritation. Additionally, all XYXX briefs have an anti-Microbial finish that prevents rashes and odours. Moreover, all briefs have a Microfibre waistband that guarantees no-roll and no elastic marks on your waist.

If you are looking for innerwear that will reflect your simple yet classic style, our Uno men's underwear is a must-have for you. On the other hand, if you are someone who never turns off his funk, the Shuffle men's briefs will surely fit your style. You can explore our complete range of men's innerwear here: Premium Men's Briefs

2) TENCEL™ Modal Trunks

Modal Trunks For Men Online - XYXX

If there is any innerwear as famous as men's briefs, it has to be men's trunks. Trunks can be called the middle point between briefs and boxers - they cover more area on your thigh similar to boxers but provide the support just like briefs do. Many prefer wearing it under casual clothing or sportswear as it gives a square appearance.

If you are shopping for men's trunks from XYXX, be assured of getting never-before comfort. Our trunks are made with a blend of 92% TENCEL™ Modal and 8% Elastane. Compared to regular cotton trunks, these trunks are 3X softer and 50% more moisture absorbent. The anti-Microbial finish that prevents rashes and odours when paired with flat-lock seams that are smooth on your skin results in a pair of trunks that don't cause itching, chafing or irritation. The trunks don't ride up from your thighs and the Microfibre waistband doesn't leave any marks on your waist.

While the Illuminati collection of men's trunks is spells sublime class with its eye-catching metallic silver waistband, the space-dyed waistband of the Hues collection is the mark of a new-age trendsetter. You can explore XYXX's entire range of men's underwear here: Premium Men's Trunks

3) TENCEL™ Modal Vests

Modal Vests For Men - XYXX

While talking about innerwear, many just concentrate on what you wear under your pants. However, we at XYXX, want to offer all modern men like the best comfort overall. Thus, we have crafted the perfect vests for men.

Made with 50% TENCEL™ Modal and 50% cotton, our Ace vests are comfort redefined. These vests are not only 3X softer than regular cotton vests but also absorb 50% more moisture. All our vests come with an anti-Microbial finish that prevents rashes and odours. Thus, they make for the perfect undershirt.

If you are one of those men who don't compromise on comfort, our Ace Cotton Modal men's vest collection is just for you.

Shop For Modal Men's Apparels

Owing to their comfortable fit and silky-smooth feel, clothes made from Micro Modal are the best of the best available in the market. The vast collection of men's innerwear by XYXX uses the Micro Modal fabric to deliver you a snug fit and allow ease in movement.

So if you're looking for top-notch undergarments that are comfy and stylish, look no further and add some of these TENCEL™ Modal garments by XYXX to your collection.

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