Beat The Heat With Your Innerwear

Artisto Modal Trunks For Men Astro BlackArtisto Modal Trunks For Men Astro Black

We cannot stress enough how important it is for men to buy good underwear, especially during summers. The heat and constant sweating can result in not only itchiness but can also cause various bacterial infections. Thus, choosing the perfect underwear for summers is a no-brainer.

Here is a definitive summer innerwear guide for all men:


For ages, regular cotton has been considered the ideal choice of fabric for underwear in all seasons. It is comfortable and soft on the skin. However, it loses its sheen and elasticity over time and also absorbs a lot of sweat. Thus, many men don't prefer regular cotton underwear.

Modal, bamboo cotton and combed cotton are a few emerging fabrics for men's summer underwear.

Tencel Modal, made from the pulp of beechwood trees, is an extremely ultra-smooth, lightweight and stretchable fabric. It is known to be softer than cotton and keeps you pleasantly cool and dry throughout day and night. But the most significant advantage that modal has over cotton is that it won't lose its first-hand feel, which cotton does, quite fast. It can easily be voted as the best fabric for the summer season.

As the name suggests, this fabric is a blend of bamboo and cotton. It is made up of natural antibiotic properties and is thus a wise choice for men's underwear. It is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that prevents odours, rashes and skin irritation so you never have to worry about skin health and overall hygiene. It is also highly moisture absorbent and cooling - making it the perfect innerwear for heavy sweat days and workouts.

Another upcoming fabric for innerwear, especially boxers, is combed cotton. Combed cotton is often called an upgraded version of regular cotton. It is made specially by combing the cotton fibres before being spun into yarn. This additional step of combing helps get rid of shorter fibres and dust, which makes the fabric stronger and softer. Combed cotton men's boxers as a rage during summers due to their unmatched comfort and ease.


Briefs, trunks, mens boxer pants, thongs, G-strings - men have many styles and fit options when it comes to their underwear. However, which of these options is the best for summer?

In all honesty, there is no one correct answer to this. Depending on your daily activity and comfort, you can choose which underwear you wear. If you are someone who prefers a snug fit with proper support, we suggest you choose briefs or trunk underwear. If you are looking for innerwear that's super-airy and laid back, you can go for boxers. You can pair some premium printed boxers with a t-shirt, and voila! have yourself a perfect loungewear outfit for summer.


We cannot stress this enough - change your underwear at least once a day. During summers, many prefer changing it twice - especially after workouts or if it has been a sweaty day. Don't forget to wash your dirty underwear immediately. It is often advised that underwear should be washed by hand using a mild detergent and cold water to keep it in pristine condition.

Not changing or properly washing your sweaty and dirty underwear can cause severe rashes and infections. Better safe than sorry!


Innerwear isn't just what you wear under your pants, but also under your t-shirts/shirts.

During summers, many men prefer wearing vests under their shirts to prevent them from sticking to the skin. It also helps make the dress tees/shirts less transparent, especially after sweating. Like with underwear, many prefer to buy men's vests made of modal or bamboo cotton are preferred over regular cotton ones due to their many properties.

So what are you waiting for - upgrade your innerwear drawer and keep it cool even in the sweltering heat. If you are wondering where to shop for these summer innerwear, look no more. XYXX has the best of Tencel Modal, Bamboo Cotton and Combed Cotton innerwear for men that'll help you beat the heat. Explore the entire collection here: XYXX Innerwear For Men

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