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About Artisto

We turned underwear into a canvas with Artisto, a collection created using the refined technique of space dyeing, where every thread that forms the fabric, is a masterpiece in itself. Showcasing mood-elevating colours in a kaleidoscope of shades, Artisto is a stellar blend of art and fashion.

What makes Artisto unique

The correct question to ask would be - what doesn’t make this collection unique. Here are a few reasons why your innerwear drawer (and you) deserve at least one pair from our latest collection:


When we say these collections are from out of the world, we aren’t lying. Space dyeing is a refined technique of dyeing yarns, which gives each strand of yarn a unique, multi-coloured effect. Thus, each piece of innerwear has a unique pattern, just like a snowflake.

Tencel™ Modal fabric

The most artistic innerwear deserves the best innerwear fabric. Softer, breathable and more comfortable than cotton, Tencel™ Modal is the best fabric for innerwear.

No-marks waistband

Made with microfibre fabric, the waistband neither rolls over nor does it leave any marks on your waist.

Briefs AND Trunks

Our collections are launched as both briefs and trunks. Thus, you can choose the design you like in the style you love.

Match your vibe

The collection offers 4 masterpieces to you: Starry Night, Contemporary, Snow Cone and Celestial. Each piece is a tour de force by itself and will fit you and your vibe perfectly.

Wait no more and add these modern masterpieces to your innerwear drawer and begin your love affair with art. And in case you want to go for a subtle play of colours, you should definitely check out our Hues Collection.

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