An Ultimate Guide To Buy Underwear For Men

Flux Modal Trunks For Men Black Marble -  XYXX Mens ApparelsFlux Modal Trunks For Men Black Marble -  XYXX Mens Apparels

When you start your day with that unseen comfort underneath, you will ace through anything you face. Therefore, buying the right underwear is important for you. If you want to know how to buy the perfect underwear for yourself then go through the men's underwear buying guide.

Here are things to keep in mind while buying underwear

Perfect Size

This is the most important factor in this list that you should consider before buying an underwear. Both tight and loose underwears are not a good choice. Tight underwears make you feel uncomfortable the whole day and you won’t be able to concentrate. On the other hand, loose underwear is worse than tight. Know your size and only buy the correct one to avoid making a disastrous purchase. Apollo and Uno, underwear collections offered by XYXX, provides a relaxed fit for everyday wear. They have size charts from which you can select your size to stay comfortable all year round. For example, if you want to buy men's briefs then they have a separate size chart for you.


As the weather is always unpredictable, the game of cold and hot will never end. During the hot days, you will sweat precariously and there is nothing you can do about that. However, you can avoid uncomfortable adjustments and even the sweat spouts by choosing the perfect fabric. For that, you will have to choose a fabric that will help you get rid of this problem. Soft and natural micro modal fabric used by XYXX is the perfect fabric to deal with this issue. XYXX Crew’s underwears are made up of Bamboo cotton. They manufacture briefs for men that are one of the best in the market.

This underwear is made from 55% cotton, 40% Bamboo and only 5% Spandex. The Bamboo cotton is silky, smooth, lightweight fabric that can perfectly absorb the sweat spouts. It also moisturizes your skin and naturally works as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal garb. Thus, if you are looking for men's briefs, you can buy XYXX's newly introduced Apollo and Uno underwear.


Since men have an opinion and type for everything, they have their types of underwear as well. Thus, you will have to determine your body type before you buy underwear. There is a wide variety of innerwear such as briefs, trunks, boxers and jockstraps. These variations are available in different styles, cuts and prints. Additionally, you can find the best briefs for men in XYXX’s collections.


Just like the Human body has a spinal cord, underwear has a band. The elastic does the entire job. It perfectly holds the underwear in the right position. Moreover, it provides correct support and takes care of the fabric. However, most people often ignore the elasticity of the underwear. Underwears that have a loose elastic band shall drop down. This makes it one of the most important yet venerable parts of the underwear. But the problem is if you buy underwear online, how will you check the elastic band? Fortunately, XYXX's underwear is there. From their stores, you can buy men's boxers online, and men's briefs in India. Keep everything in position by avoiding loose underwears. On the other hand, don't use tight underwears; it increases itchiness, redness, irritation and bad impressions.

Washing and Drying

The washing guide given by the underwear brand is important because a wrong wash can ruin your new underwear. Thus, carefully read the washing guide before you buy the underwear. Learn how to wash and dry your underwear just like you wash the other clothes. Washing underwear is not a difficult task but it just needs to be done in the right way. If you want to buy men's trunks online then you can go with the XYXX underwear.

Occasional Underwear

Are you planning to go on a date or waiting for a night to come? You can trust your underwear to bring out your hidden personality. Nothing else can get the job done for you. Moreover, you can surprise your partner with a thong. You can change the game and take your chances. The ladies do the same all the time so you can also do so. Buy underwear for such special occasions. Boxer briefs for men are the popular ones for special occasions. You can give it a try.

If you feel good on the inside, you will also feel wonderfully attractive from the outside. Know the effects of making the product on the environment. Don't just buy anything you think is good. XYXX's underwears are made from natural resources. Thus, you become one of their partners to do well for the environment if you buy their products.

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