A Single Underwear To Last Every Season

With a wide range of men's underwear available in the market, it is quite challenging to pick the best underwear for men. The questions that mostly arise are: Which is the best underwear fabric? Which is the most comfortable men's underwear trunks, briefs or boxers? There are different fabrics for different seasons. To select the best fabric for men's underwear, you can visit the XYXX website. When it came to men's underwear, cotton used to be an excellent fabric until micro modal underwear made its way to the market. Micromodal is an all-season fabric, used to make underwear which offers uninterrupted comfort all day long.

Reasons Why You Should Wear High-Quality Underwear:

Here are a few reasons why men should opt for micro-modal underwear:

  • It will protect you from chafing and crotch rot. Chafing is a skin irritation caused by repeated rubbing of clothes against your sensitive skin. Crotch rot is a type of skin infection caused by wearing tight and wet clothes.
  • Micromodal underwear absorbs sweat and keeps your pants free from sweat, stains and sudden leakage.
  • They offer a seamless finish without making you feel any irritation from the stitching.

Want to buy underwear suitable for all seasons?

You should use different fabrics for different seasons. For summers you can consider micro modal and cotton fabrics. But avoid nylon, acrylic, rayon, and polyester. These materials have low sweat-absorbing potential and offer no breathability. 

Underwear should be made out of soft, lightweight and breathable fabrics as your skin comes in direct contact with them. Uncomfortable fabrics may result in several skin irritations and rashes. You need to wear underwear for a whole day so remember that it needs to be dry, and odour-free. This will protect you from embarrassing situations and discomfort. A wise decision with your underwear can save you in many ways. 

It's important to invest in high-quality men's underwear. The fibre makes comfortable underwear that allows well breathing. Cotton is considered to be the best underwear material for all seasons, but there are certain disadvantages to this material. It holds moisture, giving you uncomfortable dampness, and foul odour. After several washes, it loses shape and softness. 

To eliminate the disadvantages of cotton fabric, the best material for underwear has become TENCEL™ Modal Micro fabric. It is considered to be better than cotton. Made from beech trees, this fabric is soft and you don't feel like you are wearing something. For the best micro modal men's underwear, we have a range of collections like - Uno, Shuffle, Artisto, Linea, Blox, Urbane and Checkmate.

The Uno range is made from a blend of cotton and modal, making it the best underwear material for men. It is three times softer than cotton and has a body-responsive 4-way stretch, which is light, airy, and gentle on your skin. If you are looking for the best micro modal boxer briefs, then our Uno Collection is highly recommended.

Why choose micro-modal fabric?

  •  XYXX offers the best micromodal underwear, which is made from naturally sourced fibres.
  • Our underwear comes with a no-marks guarantee on the skin by using a microfiber waistband.
  • The demand for men's micromodal underwear is increasing in demand as it is three times softer than cotton and 50% more absorbent.
  •  It has an antimicrobial finish that protects your skin from rashes and prevents foul odour. You can stay comfortable throughout the year, no matter the season.

XYXX Apparels is the best online store where you can get the best quality underwear ranging from briefs to trunks and boxers at reasonable prices and good quality fabrics.

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