A Guide to Dressing For Your Downtime

In this busy world, there is very little time when you are not working or being active. Therefore, you should make the most of whatever downtime life offers you.  

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In your downtime, you can sleep, read, listen to music or do anything that soothes your senses. Therefore, you should wear clothes that are comfortable and cosy yet stylish; just because you are at home does not mean you can compromise on your style quotient. The fabric should be soft on the skin so that you can relax while binge-watching your favourite series on television. Although there are various options to chill in, we are providing a guide to dressing for your downtime.

Here are some clothing items you should consider wearing during your downtime.


Pyjamas are a great way to relax during your downtime. You can sink in your favourite pyjamas because they are not only made with soft fabrics but are great comfortwear. With the smart and designer pyjamas available in the market nowadays, you don’t need to limit your pyjama look to your bedroom. You can easily choose to spend your days wearing pyjamas.

On winter days, you can opt for flannel pyjamas, and cotton ones on warmer days. You can team your pyjamas with comfortable loose t-shirts for the perfect loungewear


Too obvious a choice? Be it as it may, we all love t-shirts & their warmth & comfort is just priceless. Whether you’re curling up on a sofa watching your favorite show or heading out for groceries, t-shirts are your all-in-one downtime outfit. You can put on your favorite colours with your most loved pyjamas to perk up your spirit & feel good & cozy. 

Fleece joggers

Fleece joggers are men’s best friends when it comes to loungewear. You can flaunt your sporty look and yet be super comfortable in one of these stylish joggers. They will give you a perfect contemporary look. Team your joggers with loose t-shirts for the perfect cosy downtime.


Sweatshirts are an excellent option for perfect loungewear, especially in the cooler seasons. A sweatshirt is typically the most versatile comfortwear you can choose to wear at home. You can team your sweatshirts with anything from joggers to shorts depending on your comfort level. You can also layer your sweatshirts over trendy vests to beat the chill.


You can show off your sporty side, with jersey shorts that are not only stylish but the epitome of comfort. You can lounge on your sofa the whole day in one of these jersey cool shorts. They can beat the heat without sacrificing your style statement. You can opt from cool light shades to flashy bright shades for your jersey shorts. They won’t dig into your skin and provide all the comfort necessary for a lazy weekend when you just want to relax and do nothing. Team your jersey shorts with a smart and comfortable vest for the perfect downtime look.

Henley shirts

A Henley shirt is also a good option for loungewear. They are fashionable yet casual. Moreover, they are available in a soft fabric that is not harsh on the skin. They are perfect for lounging at home as well as fashionable enough to wear during an online meeting. With the current trend of work from home, it is essential to wear something stylish at home too. You can team your Henley shirts with joggers or shorts.

Redesign your wardrobe with some of the latest loungewear which will provide not only comfort but also style. You can choose from XYXX’s range of cool men’s loungewear options when lounging at your home.

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