6 Ways to Style Your Cotton Pyjamas for a Quick Trip Outside

The past year has seen our lives change for good. From a change in how we work to the humble pyjama becoming the ultimate versatile luxury, things will never be the same again. We worked, lounged, and practically lived in this comfortable sleepwear. What’s more? Cotton pyjamas for men became an everyday fashion sight in public. So, as we embrace the sleepwear trends 2020 and use it as our guide to our 2021 looks

Monotone Pyjama Sets for the Put-Together Man:

In a time where you can wear whatever you want without worrying about social protocol, wearing pyjamas as daywear is a total game-changer. For the style-conscious man, monochrome pyjama set nightwear is a fail-safe and refined option. Whether you’re going shopping or hopping on a work call, the monotone pyjama and top combination ensure that you do not look like you’ve just rolled out of bed

Printed Cotton Pyjamas for Experimental Men:

While monotone pyjamas are a foolproof way to up your style quotient, printed cotton pyjamas are an edgy and chic way to completely embrace wearing pyjamas in public. Whether you go for classic prints like stripes or choose bolder prints and designs, this pyjama outfit trend is definitely a head-turner.

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Mix and Match the Sleepwear T-Shirt:

Have to get on a spontaneous video call? Swap your sleepwear t-shirt for a basic or bold-coloured tee. Comfortable, stylish, and convenient, you will look composed and work-ready in no time! In fact, you can throw on a Supima cotton t-shirt from XYXX and add a sophisticated touch to your sleepwear.

Flaunt Your Body with Fitted Cotton Pyjamas for Men:

While baggy pyjamas are the homebody’s delight, fitted ones are the style for the street. If you want to make a quick supermarket run without having to change your clothes, buy pyjama sets nightwear that is well-fitted to your body’s silhouette. Enhancing your overall appearance, fitted cotton pyjamas for men are drool-worthy, to say the least.

Experiment with Layering with the Pyjama Outfit Trend:

While pyjamas cemented themselves as the sleepwear trends 2021, another timeless fashion trend is layering. Pair them together, and voila—wearing pyjamas in public becomes nothing short of a ramp walk. Be it a matching fitted cardigan, a cool jacket, or a striking blazer, depending on the occasion, layer your everyday pyjamas for a classy look!

Wearing Pyjamas in Public? Don’t Forget to Accessorise:

When it comes to dressing up your modest pyjamas, accessorising is a guaranteed way to look sensational and suave. A smartwatch (like the FitBit), avant-garde shoes, and messy hair elevate the pyjama outfit trend. This style is perfect if you are headed for a breakfast date, a morning jog, or even a dog walk.

Be it printed cotton pyjamas or plain coloured ones, fitted nightwear, or stylish add-ons, our collection of pyjama outfit ideas are perfect for men who like their couture with comfort. Seeing you through all your outfit needs, you can wear the unassuming pyjamas across work calls, romantic dates, grocery runs, and even the occasional walk outside in style. Safe to say, wearing pyjamas in public is arguably the most functional fashion trend ever.

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