5 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe More Eco-friendly

If you are someone who cares deeply for the environment and believes in sustainable alternatives, then why not elevate your fashion to meet your personality? Ethical clothing is currently the biggest buzzword in the fashion industry, and that’s because it has never been cooler to care for the environment and invest in sustainable clothing


Invest in eco-friendly clothing

This one is a no-brainer. Before buying from brands, you should thoroughly research the fabric that they use to make their garments. Investing in eco-friendly clothing can be extremely fulfilling, considering the comfort, fashion and value for money provided by such apparels. Apparels made from naturally sourced, eco-friendly fabrics like Tencel modal are a major hit with the environmentally conscious crowd this summer. Not only does sustainable clothing reaffirm your conviction of protecting the environment, but they also provide a solid RoI in the long term

Donate your old clothes

This is an incredible way to make your wardrobe more sustainable and make space for statement pieces that will eventually become your wardrobe essentials. Marie Kondo your wardrobe and if a certain garment does not spark joy anymore, then it is time to get rid of it. There is no happier feeling than donating your clothes to a charity where they can be worn by those who need it and appreciate them more than you do.

Less laundry, more care

One way to make your wardrobe more sustainable is to wash your clothes less frequently. No, we are not asking you to pile up your sweaty and dirty clothes. We are simply recommending manually washing your clothes, instead of using the washing machine too frequently. Even if you have to use the machine, don’t wash your garments frequently. A research by Energy Saving Trust has claimed that laundering is responsible for 60–80% of an apparel’s overall environmental impact. To bring this down, avoid frequent laundering of your garments and try to save more energy.

Only invest in organic cotton

Our choice of underwear and loungewear is mostly dictated by comfort, and comfort is determined by the fabric that is used in making these garments. It is highly recommended that you solely invest in garments made using organic cotton, that are highly breathable and provide maximum comfort. You can look into the quirky and ethically made products from the brand XYXX, which is creating ripples in the eco-friendly clothing market by using combed cotton and organic cotton. There are many other brands who have opted to switch to organic cotton for their garments

Recycle your clothes

An old t-shirt that you no longer wear is taking up closet space? Cut it up and make it into a handy dusting cloth for your room. Take your ill-fitted clothes to the tailor and get them altered to fit your current frame. This and many more DIY recycling options are available if you simply know where to look. Recycling the clothes in your wardrobe makes it way more eco-friendly than simply disposing of them in the nearest bin. With these quick and easy steps, you too can convert your wardrobe into a more eco-friendly space. We commend you for taking the first step towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle!

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