5 Tips To Follow While Underwear Shopping

One look at your top drawer and you realise that your underwear collection is in dire need of an upgrade. From faded colours to loss of shape and holes in your undies, whatever the reason - it's time to ditch your old undies and invest in new ones.

But how often should a man buy new underwear?

Experts recommend that men should invest in new underwear every 6 -12 months. You can also invest in new underwear if you’re bored of your older underwear rotation and want to try different styles.

When shopping for underwear for men, you might have a few questions like:

  1. What to look for when buying underwear men? 
  2. How do I choose the right underwear for men?
  3. What type of underwear is best for males?
  4. What to consider when buying underwear?

No matter what your questions may be, this blog has you covered with a few do’s and don’ts when shopping for men's underwear:

1. Know Thy Size:

Avoid guessing or blindly picking out your size. The best approach is to measure your hips and waist, note it down, and then pick the size that will fit you best. A well-fitted pair of underwear will elevate your comfort levels and take you through the day with ease.

2. Fabric Matters:

When it comes to underwear, comfort is the most important factor. Choose undies made of soft, light and comfy fabrics like TENCEL™ modal and cotton. These fabrics are ultra-soft and gentle on the skin, providing unlimited comfort all day long. Check out our collection of modal trunks, modal briefs, cotton trunks and cotton briefs for men.

3. Prioritise Comfort And Functionality:

Men's underwear comes in a range of styles like - trunks, briefs, boxer briefs and inner boxers. So which one should you pick? When you buy men’s underwear online, always consider your lifestyle and preferences. Mens trunks, briefs and boxer briefs offer a snug fit, ample support and coverage, while inner boxers are cut in a relaxed profile and offer a breezy airy fit.

4. It’s Either High-Quality Or Nothing:

Good quality fabrics are an absolute necessity in underwear. Invest in good quality underwear that you can wear daily which can withstand regular washing. A tip - look for reinforced seams, waistbands that don’t leave a mark on your skin and good-quality fabric for daily use. You can tick off all these boxes by investing in our underwear for men online.

5. Try Before Buying:

Worried about buying your first underwear online? Maybe you're concerned that you might receive an ill-fitting or non-returnable product. We understand. That’s precisely why we’ve come up with risk-free returns only for first-time customers. So the first time you buy innerwear from XYXX, you can shop without any worry whatsoever. Check out the T&C here.

6. Support:

When hitting the gym, exercising, hiking and trekking, supportive underwear is essential. Choose underwear that fits snugly, prevents chafing and gives you a good fit. Supportive underwear ensures comfort and takes you through every activity effortlessly.

Shop Up And Stock Up:

So the next time you’re shopping for men’s underwear, we hope you remember these tips and find exactly what you’re looking for. From briefs to trunks to boxer briefs and even inner boxers, our range of undies for men never fails to impress. Crafted from ultra-soft, light and breathable fabrics, our underwear for men is yours for the taking. Get yours now.

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