5 Advantages of Wearing Briefs

A man prepares his best ensemble with everything down, from a crisp shirt to gorgeous tailored suit pants. The entire look is planned ahead of time, but what one often overlooks sometimes is what goes under that layer. This is a big miss since wearing the proper underwear can actually be a game-changer for how your look turns out. Not only for the sartorial aspect alone, opting for the right underwear for men is just as important for hygiene.

Men’s briefs come to the rescue with their snug fit that is flattering under any ensemble. A mainstay in men’s underwear - briefs are, in fact, touted as one of the most premium innerwear for men. They are highly functional and prove the point with the effortless ease of design and comfort. These can be worn under any clothing and help avoid any friction between thighs. For the many benefits they offer, men’s boxer briefs are quickly growing into wardrobe staples for most men.

Let’s check out the ten advantages of wearing briefs for men


Men’s micro briefs do not muffin-top over the sides of your pants. They hold a snug fit around the body and do not cause any creases underneath your suit. This avoids any harsh lines or bunching under the trousers that often kill the entire look. Well-fitting briefs are comfortable briefs and are an elegant option that sits without a mess underneath the clothing and gives your ensemble a perfect look.


Their form-hugging, tight grip makes them ideal for going out. They hold everything securely with a well-made crotch (pouch) that attaches to the waistband to avoid injury while playing sports or working out. Their ergonomic waist provides a lifting and flattering fit that keeps you underwear supported and feeling cool without any unseemly bulges. Their gripping helps everything stay in place while avoiding any wrinkles under the pants.


Good fit comfortable briefs have a high leg opening cut or a fuller back coverage. Either way, they sit with minimal fabric around the body for a comfortable feeling all day. They come in different styles to elevate ease of movement. Staying in proper contact with the skin as you do your day-to-day chores makes these a premium underwear option for all men.


Premium briefs are tailored in some of the most skin-friendly fabrics like cotton, modal, and bamboo to increase breathability. These breathable underwears are made to provide the most skin-loving experience with great care for high-quality fabric selection. Be it cotton vs modal underwear, the options are endless. Good fabrics allow for quick-dry and better ventilation to keep the intimate area sweat-free and cool. Wearing briefs is also helpful in preventing sweat stains and infection from bacterial growth


They are super easy to throw on and put out for washing and take no time to clean. These itsy-sized garments make it easy for even the laziest of people to take care of them and help keep hygiene in check. One can stay fresh and hygienic every day with a clean pair ready at hand.


Briefs made with TENCEL Modal cotton are 5 times softer than regular cotton, and also moisture absorbent. This means you can comfortably wear it to work, while working out or for other adventures and need not worry about odour or sweat. They absorb moisture naturally and keep you cool and dry wherever you are. Most premium underwears for men will be specially designed to wick moisture away and allow your skin to breathe. They are also super lightweight, and feel like you aren't even wearing them!

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Briefs made from 92% TENCEL Modal micro fabric with IntelliSoft technology ensure gentle and soft comfort that prevents unwanted irritation to your skin no matter where you wear them. These briefs made with soft cotton fabric provide unmatched comfort and keep you worry-free without the hassles of nasty waistband marks or annoying tags on your underwear. They allow seamless movement in the gym, at the workplace and for outdoor activities, offering excellent men's underwear support.


These soft and relaxing men boxer briefs are your best buddies when it comes to humid and warm weather. When you can't find anything comfortable to wear, these Modal briefs will provide dry and cool comfort that allows your skin to breathe and enables better air circulation. One of the best reasons to choose the most comfortable briefs in the summer is their relaxing lightweight fabric that is gentle against the skin.

Ideal for All Body Types 

Briefs offer a snug fit that offers support and comfort. This makes briefs a great choice for all body types.

Hygiene Benefits

The briefs from XYXX are designed to promote better hygiene. The Air Max and intellisoft technology reduces chafing and maintains dryness. This is a major contributing factor for hygiene and cleanliness.


Men’s boxer briefs are the most functional piece of underwear for all the fashion mavens out there. They promise support while staying concealed with their sheer look under your pants. Truly failsafe, briefs help you avoid any uncomfortable situations and keep your manhood intact. There is a huge variety to choose from - fabrics, styles, prints - for even the pickiest buyers. Shop around for one that gives you the look and comfort that suits you best.


Is it better to wear briefs?

Briefs are certainly a comfortable underwear option, especially in warmer weather and for sports and other activities where you require more movement and air.

Can we wear tight briefs?

Make sure not to wear too tight briefs, as they will obstruct your skin from breathing, and may affect fertility.

Do briefs affect size?

No, there is no such report that briefs affect size, however, they do provide proper support to your genitals if they are selected in the right size.

Which type of brief is best?

Cotton or Modal briefs which are the right size for you are the best.

Which fabric briefs are good for maximum comfort?

Cotton or TENCEL Modal fabric is ideal for most comfort.

What are the various types of underwear for mens?

Different types of under for men are 

  • Trunks 
  • Briefs 
  • Boxers 

What materials are commonly used in making men's briefs?

XYXX uses Tencel Modal Micro fabric and spandex for making men’s comfortable briefs. The use of intellisoft technology makes men’s briefs soft, breathable and super lightweight.

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