3 Simple Rules Of Fashion - Getting Your Basics Right!

It is an undeniable fact that most guys have a tough time figuring out their sense of style and aesthetics. What could be even tougher than this is getting your basics right!

It is an undeniable fact that most guys have a tough time figuring out their sense of style and aesthetics. What could be even tougher than this is getting your basics right!

Do you agree? We are sure you do!

Basic fashion rules for guys could vary from person to person. 

While some can even meander through their basic wardrobe with confidence and ease, a lot of men still don’t know how to get their underwear wardrobe stocked right! 

Oh, come on, we know some of those hidden weaknesses. 

You may think dumping some random new selection of underwear can serve as a comeuppance for your lack of selection at best - but that is really not how it works, boy! 

Here are our 3 basic fashion rules for you guys that would help in getting your basics right!

1. Out with the old

You may think swapping out old underwear can have no importance for your personal hygiene, but well, you're mistaken here. 

For some reason, throwing away undies without any visible damage could feel wasteful - after all, saying goodbye to your truest essentials can feel rough. There is this weird separation anxiety that you could face with long term undies you have had on for a while. Consider these fashion tips for men but we can guarantee that to get rid of old underwear that is more than 6 months old is your best bet. It is what you should have been practicing all along!

How to get rid of old underwear? Why is it so important?

Well, to start with, there is the hygiene parameter that you need to factor in.

As a general rule and as per industry standards, your basic daily wear underwear should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year.

There are some tell-tale signs to get rid of old underwear. 

Fading, worn-out fittings, discoloration in patches and of course loss of tenacity are all glaring factors. Your underwear will eventually fail in keeping your private parts protected and infection-free. In tropical countries like ours, that is a considerable probability of infections with our humid weather conditions. 

Your undies are working overtime to absorb moisture and to keep you dry, especially the ones made from micro modal fabric. 

One should ideally be more vigilant in such cases and take necessary replacing measures. 

Trust us when we say this, but you do not want to recycle that for more than a year!

Just get rid of old underwear - no strings attached!

2. Embrace Comfort

When choosing the right basics - the rule of thumb for men’s underwear is to opt for comfort. Remember the last time you wore undies that made you squirm the whole day and basically just got you super uncomfortable and mad? 

Yeah, there are many more reasons not to wear tight underwear as the effects of wearing one could affect your health.

You’ve probably heard before that tight underwear or pants can harm male fertility. 

Research so far has produced mixed results, but there is some evidence that suggests wearing tight garments could lower sperm production and therefore making it hard to conceive. If you’re trying to have a baby, you may want to pay attention to this information and adjust your wardrobe and lifestyle accordingly.

Overly tight clothing can cause a number of health issues

To name a few: urinary tract infections, overactive bladders, and even twisted testicles. 

On the other hand, the effects of wearing loose underwear are many. To sum up, there would be more room for circulation, more space to stretch, especially while participating in sports activities or sitting for long stretches.

If you have trouble conceiving and that has been constructively on your mind, choose boxers and looser-fitting pants instead. 

The need to plan in advance and adjust your wardrobe for the long-term has many aspects to it! You can’t simply wear baggier pants on some days and really tight on others. Instead, view this wardrobe change as a long-term lifestyle adjustment to elevate your everyday essentials.

3. Material matters

At times, every guy gets extremely cautious about their outer appearance. Simultaneously, this appearance is not so much in terms of “looking good,” but definitely in a manner that could help them look classy, improve their style, and give them an identity lift. Many guys start switching to a different style post-college - they move out of their comfortable printed graphic Tees and start mixing many formal shirts and Tees. 

Why should the move only be limited on the outside? We say move out of that college underwear too! Start adopting more classier prints, bold cleaner styles even with a pop of color - bring a whole new meaning of sophistication with premium fabrics for your underwear wardrobe!

Many could have an allergic reaction to the material used in underwear, hence using fabrics like Micromodal for underwear really reduces the risks of infection. While the fabric is 3 times softer than cotton, it also has powerful moisture-wicking properties and keeps you dry where it's most required. 100% naturally sourced and infused with antibacterial properties, do not tell us that the right material doesn’t exist! 

A good pair of men’s underwear can literally break or make your day - agree?

Follow these dressing style tips and you will realise that it starts from within - the benefits of wearing the right material in underwear and discarding the old underwear for men are all just some simple rules of wear!

Frequently Asked Questions:

• How can a guy look classy?

While the above dressing style tips may help you - build a more selective, tasteful and reflective wardrobe, it can take some time or depend on the acquired taste. 

Some sure shot ways of nailing this could be by upgrading your basic styles to more classic silhouettes like T-shirts, semi-formals and some solid accessories with watches, belts and shoes. However, a more 360-degree approach to looking classy is more effective when the personality matches the style. Some fine ways of appearing more sophisticated could come from caring about others, complimenting others around and remembering things that are important to other people. 

• How can men improve their style?

The best way to improve style is to start with decluttering and revamping your wardrobe. One of the sure-shot ways to categorize and start fresh is by buying some core wardrobe pieces and rearranging them to maximize your best style. Build an interchangeable wardrobe and build a wardrobe capsule, buy some signature pieces, embrace monochromes, and ultimately - make your style your personality!

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