3 Naturally Sourced Fabrics You Need In Your Wardrobe ASAP:

Sustainable fashion, eco-friendly clothing and conscious buying have taken the fashion world by storm. Brands are now more cautious and aware of their environmental impact, while customers have started showing a preference for sustainable clothing.

From thrift stores to eco-friendly collections, brands are adapting to the shift in consumer demand for eco-friendly clothing. That's where we come in, our collection of menswear is crafted from durable naturally sourced fabrics for unlimited comfort. Read on to learn more about our naturally-sources fabrics:

TENCEL™ Modal Fabric:

Derived from the wood pulp of beech trees, TENCEL™ modal fabric is manufactured in a process that’s quite similar to papermaking. The naturally-sourced fabric is fabulously smooth and ultra-light, it gently embraces your body with long-lasting softness to help your skin feel pleasantly cool and dry throughout the day and night. Breathable with an unbelievably comfortable stretch and fit, TENCEL™ modal achieves that coveted lived-in softness even fresh out of the box, creating a barely-there feel round-the-clock. Check out our range of modal briefs and trunks for men and experience comfort like never before.

Supima Cotton:

Only 1% of the world's cotton is Supima, the exceptional fabric quality boasts unparalleled softness and durability. While the fabric is twice as strong and four times softer than regular cotton, it produces exceptionally resilient products. Luxuriously soft on the skin, the fabric’s long-lasting properties make it an eco-friendly choice. Offering a long-lasting shelf-life, our range of Iconique t-shirts crafted from this fabric are a must-have in your wardrobe. Get yours now.

Super Combed Cotton:

A remarkably stronger, softer and longer-lasting fabric than conventional cotton, it is made by treating the cotton fibres before they’re spun into yarn. The soft-on-skin texture of combed cotton lacks short threads, dirt and impurities. If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, this fabric is durable for long-term use. Take a look at our boxer underwear and vests for men and you will love the comfort and durability of these boxers for men.

Fabric Matters:

To minimise our carbon footprint, our menswear is crafted from naturally sourced fabrics like - TENCEL™ modal, Supima cotton and super combed cotton fabric. From undies to tees and boxers our clothes for men online are a must-have. Get yours now.

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