11 Beach Outfits for Men in Summer 2024


Now that the year is halfway over, the intense heat is constantly urging us to leave our homes and enjoy the dry, bright days in the briny seawater of the beach. Or, if we may speculate, have you already booked any beach vacations? We're guessing that someone is jealous, but if you haven't made any plans yet, now is the ideal time to purchase your tickets and pack your bags for a relaxing weekend getaway to one of India's serene beaches. But wait! Will you be visiting beaches in those trousers or trousers? No, please don't! Men's beachwear clothing combines stylish, useful, and comfortable pieces to give you the sharpest style.

Beachwear for men can easily be made by mixing and combining items from your current wardrobe that you might have bought at some point in the past. Perhaps it's Hawaiian shirts, pastels, or shorts worn in a way that makes women everywhere go, "Wow."

Top Beach Outfits for Men in 2024 Summer

Here are some bold looks that have gained popularity in recent times when it comes to beach dress for men. Let's now examine the beach outfits for men

1. Printed Swim Trunks

Nothing compares to the comfort of trunks when searching for something easy and laid back. However, avoid choosing plain swimwear; instead, opt for printed swimwear for a more carefree beach vibe. But whether they're above or below the knee, they come in a range of colors and sizes. Select the size, color, and print that best suits your comfort and style level.

2. Printed T-shirts

T-shirts with their playful and laid-back style are suitable for setting trends for beach t-shirts for men. Beachwear shirts for men come in a variety of eye-catching hues, designs, and prints. Tropical patterns, on the other hand, would be ideal for beach appearances; just remember to combine them with plain, neutral-colored men’s beachwear shorts.

3. Oxford Shirts

Do you have a preference for basic things? The Oxford or Chambray shirt, which is perhaps one of the top summer trends for guys, is the next best option we have for you. These are the greatest replacement for linen shirts; they are typically simple with not too many designs or patterns. However, you have to test the pastel color if you're thinking about getting one for your beach day.

4. Linen Shirts

We suppose that linen shirts, with their pastel and brilliant hues that help keep you cool from the sun, will always be in demand when it comes to men’s beachwear shirts. They are breathable, comfy, and fashionable.

5. Swimwear

Swimwear is a must-have item in your pack if you want to spend your days swimming in the ocean. The finest swimsuit, however, is the one that fits you well and has an elastic waistband and quick-dry material. Choose the patterns, fits, and colors that you like.

6. Tank Tops

Tank tops or vests are ultra-breathable and a versatile option for beachwear that you can try for after your swimming to give you some relaxation on the skin with its quick dry capability and zero irritation. They come with no designs, giving a perfect casual look for the beach, and can be paired easily with boxer shorts or everyday shorts.  

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have beach wear for men since they shield your eyes from damaging UV rays as you unwind on the sand in addition to adding a stylish touch. Don't go for plain old sunglasses, though; the greatest option will be extra-protective ones that compliment your face while providing additional covering.

8. Hat

Wide-brimmed hats are always a good idea if you want to shield the delicate skin on your face, neck, and ears from the sun's rays when surfing, participating in other water sports, or tanning. In the end, it proves to be the ideal beach fashion for men and gains extra value when composed of UV-blocking fabric.

9. Beach Towel

You are not going to lay on the beach with nothing under you. We advise against it as well since several tiny critters live in the sand that might injure you and because coming into direct touch with the sand could irritate your skin. Therefore, before you lay down, put the nicest beach towel across the sand. You may use this towel to pat dry your skin after swimming as well. Therefore, if you want to use your towel more than once, choose a soft towel that dries quickly and has a striking color or pattern.

10. Flip Flops

It's vital to wear flip-flops or comfy sandals to the beach, regardless of what you choose to wear. You can't wear those bulky shoes or sandals every time you go to the beach, and as we all know, guys are so indolent that they never bring an additional pair of shoes. Therefore, comfortable flip-flops with an easy grip and a waterproof design would be great to make choosing what to wear for daily wear easier.

11. Beach Bags

Would you bring everything you need for the beach with you? You wouldn't, of course, do this. Given the high cost of even men's care goods, you would never want to misplace something. Get yourself some little beach bags so you can store things like food, sunscreen, aviators, towels, spare pairs of clothes, and more! A tote bag goes a long way for this. This makes it very simple for you to carry your necessary beach gear to your desired location.


Men's beachwear clothing, which includes shorts, t-shirts, and swimsuits, should be chosen with consideration for your comfort level as well as local weather and fashion. When accessorizing your basic attire with minimal accessories like bracelets, rings, or sunglasses, you may create striking looks. Nobody could avoid giving you those seductive glances while you unwind by the water if you had this look.

FAQs on Men’s Beach Outfit

What fabrics are best for beachwear in summer 2024?

Well, there are different men’s beach vacation cloth fabrics that you might come across, but when you talk specifically about swimwear, then polyester would be the ideal choice as it is quite durable and resistant to chlorine and UV rays.

However, if you are not up to swimming, then why not go for linen or cotton as they are breathable and give the best comfort to the skin in the scorching sun for daily wear?

What type of swimwear is popular this summer for men?

When we talk about swimwear for men, swim trunks are the ideal choice this summer for everyone. But the swim trunks which are mid-thigh and not too wide are trending to give a newer and more perfect look while being at the beach or even while you’re in the waters.

How can men accessorize their beach outfits in 2024?

Too many accessories on men would never look good. So, even while you’re on the beaches, you must go for minimal accessories such as bracelets, 1 or 2 neck chains, and 2 or 3 rings. Apart from that you can get yourself a hat or cap and UV-protected sunglasses too.

This is enough to give you the look that you desire, but keep your style simple with accessories and get the best hairdo matching what you are wearing.

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