10 Style Tips to Look Taller


It is a visual treat to see celebrities dominate the tabloids with their flawless personas! Sometimes, they make a striking impression without actually being very tall. Yes, we are talking about the charm of their styling. 

You can always use clothes to accentuate your style and height. Although we are perfect the way we are, there’s nothing wrong with adapting new styles and techniques on how to look taller. You can learn different style tips based on your body type, making you look tall. Since there are too many style tips to look taller all over the internet you might get confused. Don’t worry! We got your back. Here we have curated the most useful fashion tips for men to look taller

Top Fashion Tips To Look Taller

If you searched "how to be taller" and came across this piece, then we have some tips to help you achieve this feat. Read on to find men’s fashion tips to look taller with confidence. 

1. Pair Your Shoes with Pants

Shoes are quite underrated when it comes to putting together an outfit. Whether you own two or 200 pairs of shoes, what you wear on your feet is important, if you want to look taller. Wear shoes that have low contrast to your jeans. This is one of the go-to fashion tips to look taller. Just like women wear nude heels to elevate their height, eliminating a noticeable difference between pants and shoes can create an illusion of having longer legs. 

2. Use Shoe Lifts

Need more tips on how to look taller men? We have two words for you: shoe lifts. There are numerous unnoticed solutions available that might improve the comfort of your ordinary shoes. Suppose you’re on a date, and your partner is wearing heels; you can use shoe lifts to adjust the height difference. If women can wear heels to look tall, men can wear lifts for the same and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about! 

3. Wear Long-Sleeved Shirts More Often

Putting on short-sleeve shirts on short arms will give you an unpleasant boxy appearance. So, you can ditch your short-sleeve shirts for long-sleeve ones instead. But how to style long shirts? Wear a long-sleeved shirt and roll it up just below your elbow. It will amp up your look. Not to mention, it will make you look smarter and a lot more attractive. 

If you like wearing graphic tees, you can top them up with long denim shirts, which will create the illusion of being tall. Just like with regular long-sleeve shirts, you can roll the sleeves of your denim shirts up to your elbows for a sophisticated and chic look.

4. Don’t Wear a Belt

If you’re looking for tips to look taller, avoid wearing a belt. While it keeps up an ill-fitting pant, a belt can be an easy way to ruin a perfect ensemble. For stunted men, broader belts are a big no-no, which might contrast with the rest of the outfit. If you can’t do without a belt, choose a basic black one with a minimalistic buckle. Wear your trousers at your waistline and to support the pants, you can wear a simple belt. Putting the pants up will not only make you look taller but also provide extra support and definition to your bottom. 

5. Ditch Loose-fitted Garments

How to look smart and tall at the same time? Avoid wearing loose-fitted clothes. Although this is a personal choice, there are certain occasions when loose-fitted clothes aren’t appropriate. Instead, you can wear slim-fit garments. It will make you look tall and presentable. To look tall, you can ditch sleeves that end at your wrists, avoid long-length coats that go past your knees, and avoid pants and trousers that stack up on your shoes. 

6. Layer Up

Fashion tips for short men include the importance of layering. It provides depth to the clothing. Choose a V-neck jumper over a shirt and layer a blazer on top. The V-neck provides an upright look, while the layers add depth without making you look boxy. Make sure each layer is sleek and not overly bulky.

7. Slim it Up

Did you search for 'short height man dress' online? Then we have the perfect outfit for you. Opt for slim-fitting clothes, regardless of your body type and weight. Slim-fit pants and trousers are useful for defining your legs and slim-fit button-ups help by pulling in your waist and body. 

8. Make the Best Use of Blazers

Blazers are not limited to white-collar professionals; they are the best type of clothing that can put an outfit together. However, you must get a blazer that not only fits you but also maintains your proportions. Most blazers have longer lapels, larger chests, and longer torsos, making it difficult to find a blazer with shorter lapels that fit your torso well. 

The best way to check if the blazer fits you right is by the position of the top button. If the top button is right over your belly button, you have a winner! 

9. Make Monochromatic Colours Your Best Friend

Monochromatic colours do wonders in creating a continuous vertical line. This gives an illusion of a taller and slimmer stature. Be it an all-black formal suit or different shades of blue, this style works beautifully. Play with different tones from the same colour group for a refined look. Going monochrome is the quintessential style tip for short guys. 

10. Go For High-Waisted Trousers

To look taller, you can wear high-waisted trousers. It creates an optical illusion that modifies the lower portion of your body and makes you appear taller. Pair the trousers with a well-fitted shirt or a t-shirt for a classic height-enhancing style. Custom trousers will allow you to decide the length of the waist.


Being fashionable is not limited to tall men and women. Short guys can also rock a range of outfits if you follow the above-mentioned tips. Choose the right colour schemes for your outfit and shoes to elevate your height. Remember, no matter what new item of clothing you discover in this journey, you can make it style-worthy only when you put it on with confidence. If you think trousers are way too formal for daily affairs and want to slay your everyday look, you can get your hands on the premium collection of Cargo Joggers from XYXX Crew. We also have a collection of premium innerwear for men like trunks, briefs, long trunks, boxers and boxer shorts to give men the necessary support needed. 

FAQs on Men’s Taller Look

What outfit makes you taller?

Wearing slim-fitted outfits can make you look taller. Slim-fitted trousers and shirts give a redefined structure to your body, making you look taller. Choose the slim-fitted outfit as per your comfort and style it accordingly. You can also wear fitted XXYX Track Pants to keep it casual while achieving comfort. 

How to look taller naturally?

Shoe lifts can make you look taller naturally. But if you are uncomfortable putting on shoe lifts and want to accentuate your height naturally, you can pair your shoes with pants. You can wear shoes that have low contrast to your jeans. This way, you can create an illusion of having longer legs. 

What clothing styles elongate my silhouette?

Wearing long-sleeve shirts, dressing up without a belt or with a minimalistic belt, layering your outfit and wearing monochromatic outfits can help make you look taller. 

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