Athleisure T-Shirts Should Be Your Next Fashion Statement

At XYXX, the high fashion athleisure t-shirts are all designed to keep up the modern trend. These super comfortable Supima cotton t-shirts are a mandate addition to your wardrobe. Here are some athleisure wearing men's t-shirts from XYXX that you should immediately buy.

1. Supima Cotton V-22 from XYXX

These Supima cotton t-shirts are perfect for daily wear. These t-shirts are lightweight and soft that makes you feel comfortable throughout the day. The quality of the material makes your skin breathe through the fabric. It has half sleeves cut and makes it a regular t-shirt. The rich black colour is bound to be loved by all black lovers. You can pair it up with any light coloured trousers and jeans.

2. Supima Cotton V-11 from XYXX

This is another basic athleisure Supima Cotton T-shirt that you can wear regularly. It is currently available in the colour sky blue. This too has half sleeves to add to the comfort. The Supima t-shirts are made to last long because of the long cotton fibres it is made with. You can purchase this t-shirt in your size fromhalf t shirt for menon the website of XYXX crew.

3. Supima Cotton Crew Neck T-12 from XYXX

The men's Supima cotton t-shirts from XYXX are feasible. This t-shirt is a basic t-shirt that looks like any other cotton tee. But the speciality of it lies in the material it is made from. Tees that are Supima cotton available in India, are ten times more durable than other cotton tees. A simple cotton tee will lose its shape and colour after it has been washed a few times. But with this Supima t-shirt, the bottle-green colour of the t-shirt stays for long. As the Supima cotton tees do not deform after washing, they last longer than other cotton tees.

4. Supima Cotton Crew Neck T-07 from XYXX

Another perfect regular wear Athleisure is this tee from XYXX. Since Supima t-shirts absorb the sweat quickly, it can be worn to your gym or when you workout at home. The stretchability of the material makes it resistant to tear. This is among the best cotton t-shirts online. You can order it at your desired size.

5. Supima Cotton Crew Neck T-09

You can use this tee as athleisure wear for work from home. If you are allowed, it is a comfortable alternative to formals. You can wear it all day long without feeling a speck of discomfort. It comes in the colour maroon and is available in all sizes. This tee is also made of Supima cotton, hence, there is a 100% guarantee for comfort.

The athleisure trend is no more related to gym freaks or sport lovers. Men who prefer casual dressing also love t-shirts from different athleisure brands. Earlier, we used to see sports jerseys as athleisure wear but now that limitation has gone beyond the bar.

A few years back, we saw that people were slowly declining towards Athleisure wear. Men used to wear them only on their respective sports field or gym. So a question can arise, is athleisure dead? The answer is no. Since the lockdown happened, people started working from home. Gyms were closed and people started to exercise from their homes. More people started wearing athleisure T-shirts because of its comfort quotient. Athleisure Supima cotton t-shirts in India are made in high demand these days.

We see athleisure trends in 2020 comprising of more regular wear in friendly designs. If you check the Athleisure cotton t-shirts available online, you will see that they do not look like jerseys anymore. The athleisure market in India has identified the needs of the people. Keeping in mind that, the t-shirts look more casual and basic with mono colours. There is also athleisure business casual wear available online. All in one, these t-shirts are leading the market because of its price, comfort, durability, colour retention, lightweight and soft feel. Once you start falling in love with Athleisure wear, you will not be able to quit it easily.

Now you can also purchase different men's shorts-T-shirt online and loungewear for men from XYXX. Get your hands on t-shirt-pyjamas online with hassle-free purchase and delivery.  All sizes are available for the t-shirts with size charts guiding you to choose the right one. The delivery is currently taking a little longer due to current situations. But once you order, lay back and wait for the package to receive right at your doorstep.

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