What Does Your Favourite T-shirt Colour Say About You?

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Let's have a look at what the colour of the t-shirt you choose to wear says about you:


One of the most basic colours, several people wear a plain black t-shirt but are unaware of what it says about them. Well, people who love black tees are authoritative, headstrong, and know what to say and when to say it. They are quite clear-headed and focused.


One of the most natural solid colour t-shirts, white signifies that the person is quite grounded and does not believe in showing off. He is quite a simple person and has a good heart and always looks for the good in others. He is confident, courageous as well as an empathiser.


Blue is a perky colour that looks quite good on organic cotton t-shirts. This colour indicates creativity, hard work as well as smartness. The person who likes wearing blue is a straightforward person who is outspoken as well as non-judgemental. With a great sense of humour and witty style, he is fun to hang out with.


When it comes to Supima cotton t-shirts in yellow, the wearers are fun and cheerful. They mostly have a friendly nature and easily get on with everyone. No wonder, they are children at heart, healthy flirts, experimental, and always eager to discover something new.


People who wear red t-shirts are adventurer seekers, go-getters as well as passionate at the same time. They speak what's on their minds and thus make enemies quite easily. Also, red-loving men are quite dominating and love to leave an impression wherever they go.


People who love grey t-shirts are the ones who have achieved a high level of mental peace. These people don't take stress in life. They are quite comfortable in their skin and love to stay behind the scenes.


Another very common colour when it comes to plain shirt colours. Green-wearing people are connected to nature. They are dreamy and always planning their next trip. They are truly gentlemen, quite loyal and frank. For men like this, the best way to feel one with nature is XYXX's range of organic cotton t-shirts.

The colour and the fit of what you are wearing is the first thing people notice about you. But more important is how your clothing makes you feel. XYXX's range of premium innerwear and loungewear for men is crafted to give you the best of both worlds - comfort and style. From combed cotton pyjamas to Supima cotton t-shirts, from quick-drying TENCEL Modal briefs to 100% organic cotton t-shirts - you can find clothes in colours and prints that match your personality.

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