The Expiry Of An Underwear : Why It Is A Short-Lived Affair

Hey you! Yes, you! 

You are hardworking, meticulous about their grooming habits, and will always turn on the video option on a Zoom call, even if it is at 9 am! 

There is, of course, no beating you in terms of freshness and your hygiene habits. You already get brownie points for those. 

You raise the bar for the other person as well in terms of your presentation and grooming style.

However, there may be one thing which you don’t put much thought into. Just the other day, your girlfriend complained about your printed undies, remember?

And you boasted about having had that since your college days and how it still fits you!

Well, see, now that is not something you should be boasting about to anyone, even to yourself, take it from us - the underwear experts have spoken!

For some reason, throwing away undies without any visible damage could feel wasteful - after all, saying goodbye to your truest essentials can feel rough. There is this weird separation anxiety that you could face with long-term undies you have had for a while, hence even if you would be asking us as asking for a friend, we can guarantee that discarding undies that are more than 6 months old is your best bet. It is what you should have been practicing all along!

As a general rule and as per industry standards, your basic daily wear undies should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year.

There are some tell-tale signs of discarding your basics.

Fading, worn-out fittings, discoloration in patches, and of course, loss of tenacity are all glaring factors. Your underwear will eventually fail in keeping your private parts protected and infection-free. In tropical countries like ours, that is a huge probability with our humid weather conditions. Your undies are working overtime to absorb moisture and to keep you dry, especially the ones made from micromodal fabric. 

One should ideally be more vigilant in such cases and take necessary replacing measures. Trust us when we say this, but you do not want to recycle that for more than a year!

At this point, you would probably like to reason with our argument and mention how your delicate wash cycle, cool to warm water, and mild detergent has been your undies BFF. Definitely, factors to consider that preserve the lifeline for those 6 months to 12 months. They, however, do not guarantee quality extension beyond stipulated time and are not enough.

Now let us get more descriptive. If you thought you could risk a few fungal infections, then that is where you are wrong. Wearing worn-out undies that are a thriving ground for E.coli, thrush, and other bacterias are not fun - do they sound like a risk you are willing to take?

And if none of the above convinces you that you should change your undies rotationally, how about being caught in them? Would you be proud to show them off while caught in a moment?

Haha, we thought so!

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