7 Occasions Where Every Man Needs A Solid Tee!

We will make this easy for you. As guys, we are always looking for the right style that would go with the occasion. Sometimes, we don’t dress right and sometimes we are wrapped in too much formal clothing. And sometimes, what we really wanna wear are our casual solid Tee’s that we love and also let’s face it, probably makes us most of our casual wardrobe (wardrobe capsule who?!)

So to have you less confused, here are 7 occasions where it is PERFECTLY A-okay to wear your solid Tee’s with èlan!


Of course, the casual Fridays! While it totally depends on your office culture and work code, for most corporates, Friday are the days to flaunt your best solid Tee! So come on, get your best pair out and say hello to TGIF! Also, a big score at the bar later on ;)

2- The Third Date Syndrome 

Hey, so you know how we spoke about the first two dates where you have to be absolutely impeccably dressed - come on the least you can do when the girl puts in that much effort! But the third date, oh boy the third date is where things would head somewhere! So get on your good Tee and work that charm. A black or a simple red one!

Basically, just simmer in casual demeanour.

3- The Coffee equation

Imagine a Central Park kinda situation. Yeah, keep rolling boys. Your perfect no-nonsense rightful occasion to wear your favourite tee!

Casual banters with friends and sitting in awkward positions are just what a chill evening is made of!

4- The Movie Night Theory

So you have a late movie or an early evening movie to catch with your friends/partner. What are you gonna do? Wear Athleisure? Nahhhhh! Call it a tie between casual and going too nonchalant - wear a Tee!

5- The Family Dinner Party Drama

Yeah, you wanna be as casual as possible for this one. Think Coyote Bergstein.

Easy peasy!

6- Business party conundrum

Office parties are always fun to attend thanks to all the free food and booze of course. Having said that, we should totally be semi-casuals for such occasions. If you feel like a Tee- alone doesn’t cut it, just throw on a simple blazer to take it up a notch!

7- The Birthday Party Equation

Hey! Who doesn’t love some cake and whipped cream?! Another occasion where you can dress down, go easy and hug your Tee in the closet. Everyone loves the guy who turned up in a Tee and jeans at the birthday party!

Now that you are aware of all these occasions, probably time to stock up on a few more solid Tee’s from us? Head to our website now!

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